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Tips and Tricks for Launcher Debugging

No connection to servers

  • If the launcher displays that our download servers are offline check your internet connection. When the connection is stable but you still can not get a connection to our patch servers try to disable your firewall or your antivirus programm for the duration of the download. You probably have to restart the launcher. Otherwise the launcher can not detect changes on your firewall or anti virus program.
  • If this does not work:
    • start cmd.exe
    • then type the following + ENTER
    • netsh winsock reset
    • restart your PC
    • start the launcher as admin and try to update

Update starts over and over again

  • Maybe there is some sort of write protection on your Skyrim directory. Try to remove it and/or restart your PC.

Problem while Downloading

  • Close the Enderal Launcher.
  • If the download process of an update fails and/or the launcher is downloading longer or more than it should. (e.g. "Downloading 11/10" or "12/10" etc.) Delete the files in this directory: C:\program files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim\EnderalLauncher\update
  • Start the launcher and try to download the updates again.

Problem while Updating

  • Close the Enderal Launcher.
  • If the installation of an update fails (e.g. "Installing 11/10" or "12/10" etc.) or the launcher displays that everthing is installed but you can't start the game, go to this directory: C:\program files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim\EnderalLauncher\system\config\config.sur. Edit the file (it's a textfile) with e.g. Notepad++ in this way: replace the sCurrentVersion with an older version (safest EN:; safest DE:
  • Start the launcher and try to install the updates again.

Application load errorp:0000065432

  • This is no Enderal related bug, it's a Steam/Skyrim bug.
  • If this error message Application load errorp:********** appears check if Steam is correctly installed and running.
  • Restarting Steam or restarting your PC might also help to get rid of this error.

Enderal Launcher does not recognize the game files anymore

  • After a crash it can happen that the launcher does not detect the game files anymore.
  • Close the Enderal Launcher.
  • If everything was correctly installed, open up this file with an texteditor like Notepad++ C:\program files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim\EnderalLauncher\system\config\conf.sur and edit this line bInstallStat=0 to bInstallStat=1. Save the file.
  • Start the launcher again and run the game.

For further help please visit our english support forum.

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