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First Letter
Brother Sullyres, 13. Star Summer Night, 8231 a. St.

I can hardly believe my luck! It has been four days now since Dryella had her vision of the island. Just a few days before that the hypocrites of the order banned us from the city: our faith would be heresy and sacrilege in the face of the lord. Thanks to Kor's love Dryella, being ashamed, told us about her dream. Isn't it strange? She felt ashamed, even though it was obvious: Kor spoke through her — to guide us the way to our new home.

The same day we already departed to find our sanctuary. As expected, the people of Duneville ridiculed us, such an island would be nonexistent. Needless to say, they were wrong — just when a fisherman brought us (against pay, who in the world would do something like that for free?) a few miles from shore, we could see the silhouette of our new home. There she was, lying in the sunset, sand as white as snow, palm trees gently waving in the wind. Insula Koris, Kor's island. I will never forget their startled faces.

The island welcomed us with fresh wood, nourishment and perfect weather. Within two days first dwellings had been erected and we began construction of the town hall. Also the magical barrier, which is supposed to protect us from dark forces (and bone crackers), functions as planned; seems like the arcanist was worth its money.

Thirteen brothers and sisters are we today — and thirteen we will be when we put ourselves down to the grave and our soul will transition into Kor's infinite love.

Second Letter
Sister Dryella, 21. of Star Summer Night, 8231 a. St.

Here I am sitting, quill and paper being the only friends I can share my concerns with.

It is the island.

Already after the dream I was troubled about these peculiar pictures. Yes, I have seen the island and yes, with its white beaches and fertile soil it seemed like heaven on earth. Nonetheless — there was also something else. Sullyres interpreted my reluctance as timidity, but that is not what it was — it was anxiety. Even later when I told him about it, he did not want to hear of it: He is confident that it was Kor who sent me the vision. “It is our fate to live here until we transition into his realm.”

But am I the only one who feels it? Who sees it? Something dwells here, and if that is supposed to be Kor's infinite love, then I am the Golden Queen. This whisper in the wind of the palm tree leaves, the burning on my skin when I step into the sunshine. And yes, maybe I am just imagining this, but what about these grotesque faces on the walls? Ragor says it is a simple discoloration of the wood, but am I really the only one who sees faces in it? Anyway, my hands are tied. With every day passing by Sullyres slides further into an almost creepy felicity. He is deeply convinced that we found our purpose.

We must leave! We have to leave this place as soon as possible. But at the moment I have no other choice but waiting. Kor's love will guide my way, as it did back then.

Third Letter

(The bundle of papers appears to be some sort of correspondence of the Kor, who due to their vow of secrecy had to find other ways to communicate. You can distinguish the two dialog partners by their handwriting. The documents are dated to 25th Star Summer Night.)

“Yes, she behaved strangely recently. But don't worry, she needs time to adjust to all this here. You know how much she was attached to Ark.”

“Maybe so. But what about the things she tells? The whispering, these grotesque faces in her room?”

Are you beginning now even so on? These are stains, discolorations, nothing more.”

“Do you mean this?”


“…I have to tell you something, Rukas. May I?”

“What's that supposed to mean? Of course you may.”

“The whispering… I … I can hear it, too. And this heat-” (The script is cut off at this point)

“Deyna … We are safe here. Sullyres says so and I feel like him. This island is Kor's gift and we will stay here until then. Just trust me. You know that I would never let anything happen to you.”

Fourth Letter
Sister Korrie, 23th of the Great Flood, 8232 a. St.

This morning, Dryella had an attack. Right in the middle of the prayer in the parish hall, she started to scream and to strike out wildly, and it needed three of us to calm her down. Even after we managed to calm her down, she did not stop screaming — something about “corpse grimaces”. She must have referred to the faces she sees in the walls. Sullyres had her brought to the parish hall and gave her a potion made from dawn flower juice to sedate her.

As a matter of fact, her attack was not the bad thing. It was Sullyres’ and the other men’s half-heartedness in carrying on after they had brought Dryella to her cabin — as if nothing had happened. To them it seems to be awfully simple to shrug off her state as delusion. I cannot. And, which is even worse, I know what she is talking about. For a long time I talked myself into believing that it is just my imagination, but this is not the case. The whispering, it is there and a shroud of certainty that something “is wrong” lays upon everything. I feel like a child to whose father gave it a lifelike wax figure from which he tries it to convince to be its friend. No matter how skillful it was crafted and how immaculate the skin seems to be — in the end it is dead. And was right from the beginning.

Fifth Letter

(Once again you find a correspondence. You recognize the handwriting - it is from Rukas and sister Deyna)

“I have to talk to you, Rukas.”

“What is it? I’m occupied.”

“Rukas, I… I cannot stand it any longer. All this here, it… it is too much.”

“… It is about Sullyres, isn’t it? What did he do today?”

“He hurt her, damn it! He hit her with a slam in the face!”

“She deserves it.”

“… What?”

“She deserves it! Didn’t you hear what she was about to do? She wanted to betray us, Deyna, betray us!”

“This is just not true! She wanted to go because she feels bad. And she said she wanted to come back again!”

“Which she did not intend to do. And even if so, she is not allowed to go. This, Deyna, is our home. Kor led us here and leaving the island would mean to spit on his love! Actually, this twat should count herself lucky that Sullyres left it for a few hits!”

“… How can you write something like that?”

“What? Twat? It’s pretty simple, you see? We should tattoo it onto her forehead and maybe the next time she thinks an arm’s length farther before trampling our believe under foot in such manner.”

“What is it? Are you reduced to silence?”

“You’re scaring me, Rukas.”

“Do I? Maybe better so. We surely don’t that you get into mischief like Korrie, do we?”

“This island is a gift, Deyna. Kor led us her, that we can live a life far away from the claws of the demiurge. And now you better act on my advice and shout your heretical yap. I do not want to be forced to use means like Sullyres but believe me - I will do if necessary.”

Sixth Letter

(Once more you find a correspondence. This time the handwriting points to sister Deyna and sister Korrie)

21st dawn, 8232 a. St.

“This is madness, Korrie. You cannot do that.”

“I can. And you’ll come with me.”

“… What, if they catch us? You know what he did to you last time.”

“If they catch us, they will kill us. But they would do that anyway, sooner or later.”


“Don’t act the fool, damn it! I know that you feel like Dryella and me. And if we do not act now, they lock us like her.”

“But… Rukas.”

“RUKAS is not Rukas anymore. And I don’t think that you need me to tell you. Or do you really want to tell me that you just fell down the stairs? Lying never was one of your assets, Deyna.”

(Dried tears have washed out the following lines of Deyna’s shaky writing.) ”He… a good person… damned, damn…not simply leav….!”

“You do not leave him, he left you.”

“Tonight, one hour after the parish prayer. Rugar’s eye see worse than a senile Leor and he won’t notice. We’ll take one of the boats.”

Seventh Letter
Brother Sullyres, 26th of Dawn, 8233 a. St.


The sun is crimson on evening sky and the roar of the surf is peaceful … What an august view. One last gift from you, before we eventually may receive your endless love.

Today, Rukas came back from Duneville and brought the potions as well as everything we need for the great feast. The others prepare the great feast since yesterday’s evening. Oh how it smells … a real blessing. After that, all will be done as you wish.

And yes, that what happened last week fills me with sorrow, just like you. But you said yourself: Your way is the way of love and the one of the Demiurge is hatred. Korrie and Deyna chose the Demiurge because their faith in you was too weak. Therefore, they paid the price.

We, on the other hand, your true disciples, know about your endless mercy in which you led us here. We are your children and your love cuts across us from head to toes, flows in our blood and sleeps within our bone marrow. The day of advancement has come.