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Lodaan Winterfire
(Ref ID: 000EEE37)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Pathless Job None
Essential No Form ID 000EEE36
Location Undercity's Main Cavern, Residential Barrack
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Lodaan Winterfire is an undercitizen living on the Residential Barrack at the Undercity's Main Cavern. While his family relations are not clear, it can be deduced that he is somehow related to Nodaan Winterfire.


Lodaan wakes up at 10 AM and loiters around the Undercity's Main Cavern until 7 PM, when he stops walking and stands still near the bottom of the stairs. At 10 PM he heads back home to cook dinner until midnight, when he goes to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Steel Dagger
  • Health Potion (Cheap)
  • Winterfire's Key
  • 30 Pennies