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The Puppet Master
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There is Malphas, the guardian of the gods. He has been allotted Enderal, the secluded but rich land in the northeastern part of the world. [...] His is the land in which we live.

— The Path, Tome 3: The Gods, XXIV

Malphas was a Light-Born and the ruler of Enderal. His favorite weapon was the bow. Although his domain was the continent of Enderal, far east of Nehrim, he also had much influence on Nehrim; especially after Erodan's death, many inhabitants of Nehrim worshipped him. Malphas was also the Lord of the Guardian Halls, located in the land of Myar, where he must have served as the ruler on this continent as well.

He, like almost all the other Light-Born, was killed in Arktwend by Narathzul Arantheal and his helper in the ruins of Stormwend.

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