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*[[Enderal:Myrad_Tower|Myrad Towers]]
*[[Enderal:Myrad_Tower|Myrad Towers]]
*During the Quest [[Enderal:Wanted_in_Duneville!#Y.27gnrok|Wanted in Duneville: Kill Y'gnrok]]
== Dialog and Lore ==
== Dialog and Lore ==

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Myrad mid-flight
“We will rebuild it!”
The following page or section is still a stub and is incomplete.

Tamed Myrads can be used as a way to fast travel between specific locations using Myrad Towers. They are also found in the wild (very rare) and hostile to player.



Dialog and Lore

MyradDialogue_StartTopic_T2Topic "(Knowledge) Could you tell me something about these creatures? Myrads?"

  • ('About Myrads? What is there to tell? They are beautiful animals, majestic and wild... And dangerous, if you're unlucky enough to run into an untamed one.'

MyradDialogue_Inquire_01b ">> I see. And how exactly does the flying part work? How do the Myrads know where to go? " [DIAL:0014C9D7]

  • [INFO:0014CB0A] ('Oh, well, that's hard to explain. They communicate by clicking sounds". I, as a Warden, have been trained to hear them, but you probably can't.'
  • And through those clicking sounds, I also tell them where you want to go, before you mount them. Obviously, that only works for routes the Myrad already knows by heart.


  • One of the cards in one of the tavern gambling games(Battle for Treomar) depicts a Myrad.