Enderal:Mysterious Note (Koppophon)

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This Mysterious Note is given to The Prophet when they buy the Koppophon's blueprint from Banker Samael Silren. It points to Old Iniath, where one of the items required to craft the Koppophon, Kopp's Soul Gem, can be found.


Koppophon's blueprint.

I finally found the blueprint of the artifact!

Unfortunately Ark's banker Silren demanded a huge sum of pennies as a payment. I could only get a glimpse of the blueprint. I am not yet sure if it is genuine but Silren seems reliable. We have to take the risk.

I hope that expedition leader Melren will be delighted about my findings! I set out immediately but the way back to the ruin at the peaks of the Frostcliff Mountains in which we set up our camp is very long and exhausting — but the reward makes the effort worthwhile.

Once I arrive, I should talk about our future plans with Melren. I hope that the magical stone he is carrying with him day and night will finally be of help …

We will take back what is ours … one way or another …