Enderal:Myths and Legends: The Steel Warden

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Myths and Legends: The Steel Warden
(FormID: 0014BF10)
Editor Name _00E_NQ29_MythsAndLegends_Volume_05
Type Lore FormID 0014BF10
EN-Cost.png 25 EN-Weight.png 1.00

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  • Destroyed Abbey, Halls
  • Priest Tolgan's House

Myths and Legends

Volume 5 (The Steel Warden)



Myths and Legends, Volume 5: The Steel Warden
written by Archmage Gawayn Girathû, 8111 a. St.

A lesser known myth is the one of the "Steel Warden". Its lack of popularity is all the more astonishing considering it is one of the oldest mythological creatures of Enderal.

According to legends the Steel Warden was once called Ibraêl Râthu, a Half-Aeterna, who served in the ranks of Arcanists Dal'Marak's most trusted - who, as we all know, bears the blame for the devastation of the Thalgard region. It is said, that Ibraêl, a most path-abiding man, saw the disaster coming. More than once he has advised caution, which his master ignored.

One day - scarcely two moons later the catastrophe, which we know today as the "Sunfire", was bound to happen - he decided to act. Dal'Marak has strayed from the righteous path and Ibraêl knew it was his holy duty to stop him. This pained him to an unbearable extent, as he had served Dal'Marak for four decades.

Nevertheless he snuck into his master's chambers at night. Yet as he was huddling over his bed, the axe raised above his head, he suddenly froze midway through. With eyes dilated by terror he had to watch his skin turn grey and his back sprout prickly outgrowth. With his last vim he uncovered the sheets under which a human form loomed. It was a scarecrow.

Ever since it has been Ibraêl's destiny to wander the catacombs of the now ruined monastery, in which Dal'Marak had carried out his research. His will is bound to his old master by a manner of magic and even though he is already deceased the curse still lasts. Marauders, sunborn and lost have already tried to finish the rigid figure, but Dal'Marak's magic was too powerful: Neither fire, nor ice or poison can harm him and even the mightiest of blades just barely cut through his armour.

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