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Nathalia Poppyflower
(Ref ID: 0014c0e2)
Race Half Aeterna Gender Female
Path - Job -
Essential No Form ID 0014c0e1
Location Undercity - Marketplace
Nathalia enderal.jpg
Level 20 Health 208
Magicka 145 Stamina 82


Nathalia Poppyflower is what you could call an 'activist', working for the Apothecarii in Ark, precisely for their hospital in Undercity. She receives payment for her work and thus calls herself 'errand boy'. Her first and only real interaction with the player happens during the quest 'Put Off the Evil Hour'. The player confronts her, while she is engaged in a fierce discussion with a merchant named 'Kabar Thorwall' about prices of red vynroot. After the conclusion of said quest, she just roams around her usual place in Undercity, without further possibilities for interaction.


Nathalia is your typical Undercity dweller and she is proud about it. Like many of her Undercity fellows, she is very peculiar about her disdain for the citizens of Ark, and slightly insults the player to be a 'sunchild'. During her first dialog with the player, Nathalia is unfriendly like that and show suspicion towards them, which changes later. Any other information about her stays in the dark, since after solving her problem with the lack of red vynroot, she just keeps giving generic answers.

Pickpocketed items

Nathalia carries with her, a copy of "The Butcher of Ark, Volume 5: Qalian".