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Old Yogosh (Quest)
Quest Giver: Object Description of a Researcher in Old Yogosh
Location(s): Old Yogosh
Rewards: None
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Very Easy
Mechanism with the propulsion valve and the table with the quest start item

Journal Entries

Start: "Object Description of a Researcher" in Old Yogosh.

After starting the quest
I found the description of an old device in Old Yogosh. It seems to be some kind of water supply which an old civilization built in the east of Enderal. I should search for a way to activate it.
After finishing the quest
I managed to activate the water supply of Old Yogosh.


  • Find the missing part of the mechanism in Old Yogosh
  • Insert the propulsion valve into the mechanism in Old Yogosh
  • Start the mechanism

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest start

Explore Old Yogosh until you reach an Iron Door. Open it and to your right you will find a table in the corner with the Object Description of a Researcher. Reading it will start the quest.

We required the last weeks to remove the rubble from the corridor.
The iron equipment was a completely unexpected discovery, which is indicating, that Old Yogosh used to be a water supply facility for the dry areas in East Enderal. If we could reactivate it, it could transform part of the desert into fertile farmland!

There is a switch in the main hall, which seems to loosen a mechanism. But the equipment still doesn't show any function. Gando suggests, that an important part of the line is missing. It could be found in the still unexplored puzzlerooms in the depths of Old Yogosh. We will tackle this search next.

Find the missing part of the mechanism in Old Yogosh

The missing part

Go back past the iron door and straight ahead until you reach a puzzle in form of 4 gates and 4 levers.
Pulling one of the lever will toggle one or more of the gates. The goal is to open all 4 gates so you can pass them.
Inside the room, you will find the needed "Propulsion Valve".
Note: The quest item only spawns after the quest started.

Insert the propulsion valve into the mechanism in Old Yogosh

Mechanism with the propulsion valve

Go back to the table where you started the quest. Interact with the valve above the table to insert the quest item.

Start the mechanism

Follow the pipe into a square room with a lever. Interact with it to finish the quest.

  • Interacting with the lever before inserting the propulsion valve will have no effect.
  • After this, the room will start to fill up with water and spawn a hostile Gareasnake.
  • Once the room is filled with water, you can swim up to the previously unreachable area and continue through the next door to reach the final room of Old Yogosh.


  • Finishing the quest will close and lock the iron door (it says "Novice" lock but you can't interact with it).
    • It is not possible to open the door from either side anymore.