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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Launcher version: A54

Patch size: 110 MB



  • The hero-menu can now be bound to a custom key: Open "Mod-Configuration" and the "Enderal"-tab to do so. Note that this might not work with older savegames! However, even in these, the hero menu should still be open-able with the default key [H].


  • "The Void" (MQ02): The player can no longer fast travel into Ark before arriving with Jespar.
  • "The Void" (MQ02): The starling lock puzzle now gives the player different amounts of time depending on the difficulty setting of the game. (At adept, it’s the same timespan as we previously had.)
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): The conversation with Calia after the Starling barrier vision should work more reliable.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Fixed the critical bug that caused savegames to corrupt when the player has magelight active while equipping the fire arrow in the Starling barrier riddle.


  • Fixed bleeding healthpotion in Castle Dal'Galar.
  • Fixed various leaks in the heartlands and the tavern of Riverville.
  • Fixed various floating trees, rocks/cliffs in the heartlands.
  • Fixed various bleeds in the heartlands.
  • Fixed various activators of chairs and beds which caused NPCs getting stuck in tables or walls.
  • Fixed unnatural lightsources in the player houses will only be activated if the standard equipment is bought.
  • Placed tanning rack in the standard equipment of the house in the nobles quarter.
  • Fixed the position of a case in the player house at the marketplace.
  • Fixed falsely placed sunborns in the monastery in Thalgard.
  • Fixed a missing ceiling in the Star City.
  • Fixed two AutoLoadDoor.


  • Fixed enchanting. Big thanks to Alex Ducey.
  • Fixed the magic effect concerning fire enchantments so that the Charges per Use are actually affected by the power of the fire enchantment.
  • Fortify One-Handed enchantments now also affect daggers.
  • The perk "Sinitrope: Quiet Casting" should now work properly.
  • The perk "Blade Dancer: Critical Hit" should now work properly.
  • The perk "Trickster: Fatal Shot" should now work properly.
  • The perk "Infiltrator: Swindler" now actually increases pickpocketing for 50% instead of 0.5%.
  • The perks "Vagrant: Wind Walker", "Vagrant: Unhindered" and "Vagrant: High Dexterity" should work properly with light armor.
  • The perk "Vagrant: Snakeblood" has corrected conditions.
  • Removed a false entry for the perk "Elementalist: Disintegrate".
  • Cleared out "non existing" perks.
  • After leaving the player house, the activation reach of the player is now properly reset to 180 instead of 150. Thanks to jcdenton99 for the hint!
  • A script bug that caused an "arraylength" error to frequently show up in the Papyrus logfile has been fixed. Thanks to jcdenton99 for the fix!
  • The self-damage for Eldritch concentration spells is now lowered rather than increased when skilling the "Concentration" perk.
  • Weapons now cannot be used in the skill menu anymore, preventing them from staying transparent.
  • Fixed various ArmorAddons and biped models.
  • Fixed a clipping issue with Calia's "casual" dress. Thanks to Ratrace!
  • Fixed keywords of food items, of ingredients, weapons.
  • Fixed bash data sets and block material on various shields.
  • Done various cleanup operations (this should reduce the spam in Papyrus.log): Removed useless/broken scripts, activators and packages. Cleared the canDisease flag on various traps. Fixed broken properties (cell, furniture and activator). Thanks to Arthmoor!
  • Script _00E_EisprankeSCN is now localizable and uses a messagebox instead of string. A messagebox will explain their use the first time you pick up an ice claw.


  • Bound Arrows are now properly balanced.
  • "Mana Potion (Exclusive)" now does cost more than "Mana Potion (Quality)".
  • All forms of the "Dagger of the Righteous Path" have been rebalanced to do less damage than their Aeterna counterparts.


  • Riq and Sebald can't attack each other.
  • Marius Vondervol will no longer act like a beggar.


  • Fixed some sounds when the player is eating food.
  • Soundfix for nehrimese soldiers.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 15.12.2016