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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Launcher version: A58

Patch size: ~80 MB



  • Fixed or replaced meshes on some bushes, some trees, the black stone, a sword; also, fixed textures on explosions.
  • Incorporated many fixes from the Enderal - Bug Fixes mod by reltilie / Ixion XVII. Thank you!
  • Incorporated 1st Person Candlelight Fix by Savaas. Thank you!


  • "The Voice from the Water" (NQ15): Fixed an entry in the quest journal.
  • "Art of Combat" (NQ31): The blademaster book now triggers the correct objective.
  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): Fixed a faulty Arcane Fever message.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): Added two failsafes to prevent Lishari from hanging around in Ark.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): The player has one second to orientate himself before the bells start ringing in the vision.
  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09): Tealor's GhostShaderFX plays, but only after he is enabled.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The pale weather gets removed properly after teleporting out of Rynéus' House.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): The Aeterna bards at the Market in Ark won't play during the siege.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part III" (MQ13c): The attacking Steelbird reacts better to pathfinding failure.


  • Fixed leaks in Dal'Geyss' house, on the Halfmoon-Isle, in Old Dothûlgrad, in Goldenforst, in Castle Dal'Galar, in the Frostcliff Mountains, in the Dancing Nomad, in the Dark Valley, in Lightgrove, in Duneville, in Ark's Gate House, in the Chronicum, in the Noble's Quarter, in Rynéus' house, in Monastery Westgard and at the Western Coast.
  • Moved the Ark South Quarter teleport target closer to the Myrad Tower.
  • Minor optimizations in the Star City.
  • Redesigned one interior tower of Fortress Rockwatch due to invisible walls and other problems.
  • Fixed collision in Old Ishmartep, in Fortress Rockwatch and in the Stranger Area in Ark.
  • Fixed navmesh at the Farmer's Coast, at the Suncoast and in the Abandoned Temple.
  • Fixed floaters at the Suncoast, in Silvergrove, in the Dark Valley, in Lightgrove, in Duneville, in Fortress Rockwatch, in Yerai's house and in Thalgard.
  • Fixed z-fighting on the Halfmoon Isle, in Ark and in the Lightgrove.
  • Fixed bleeding in Fortress Fogwatch.
  • Fixed lighting in the Old Myrad Hall.
  • Fixed rooms and portals in lightgrove.
  • Fixed doors and doormarker distances in Goldenforst, in the Heartlands, in the Undercity and at the Suncoast.
  • Filled some empty areas on the Halfmoon Isle and at the Farmer's Coast.
  • Repositioned a few things in Kurro's Shop.
  • Removed unused activators from Old Sherath.
  • Removed various unused map markers.
  • Removed an unused cell.
  • Removed duplicated chests in the Whisperwoods.
  • The player can't access Finn's inventory anymore.


  • The spell "Bound Bow (Rank I)" works again as intended.
  • The spell "Bound Bow (Rank V)" now summons its own bow instead of the Rank IV bow.
  • Fixed a bug which caused summonable and revived creatures not to be summoned / revived due to high magic resistance on the player.
  • Removed unused counter effects on the spell "Summon Oorbâya (rank I)".
  • Removed unused conditions from the spells "Divine Shield (Rank I-VI)".
  • Fixed magnitudes on the spells "Panic (Rank III-VII)".
  • The spells "Magelight (Rank I-IV)" should be more useful in first person due to repositioning of the nif.
  • Fixed a bunch of magic effects.
  • Fixed two potential bugs which prevented "Blessing of the Wise One (Rank II-III)" from being applied properly. Also the blessing should increase all primary skills from now on.
  • The perk "Keeper: Shield Stroke" works properly, creating a 10 percent chance to disarm the enemy when powerbashing with a shield.
  • The perk "Focus" reduces the mana cost of spells by 33% according to the description (prior 34%).
  • The perk "Sinistrope: Bone Judge" is now working as intended, increasing the duration of revived undead (it used to increase the duration of all spells cast at undead).
  • The perk "Elementalist: Unleashed Might" has now it's proper additional effect: Reducing the spell cost of other ranks than master by 10 percent.
  • The perk "Trickster: Thief Apprentice" can't be learned anymore without choosing one of the three previous perks.
  • The perk "Vandal: Fury Driven" should work properly.
  • Removed Unique Flag on Steppecrusher due to multiple references.
  • Added default Race namings.
  • Fixed races on various hoods and backpacks.
  • Fixed biped objects on Arps and Fleshconstructs.
  • Removed Encounter Zone from Glimmerdust Cave and Alfrid's House.
  • Fixed AI package order for Hella Suppersnack and Apprentice Avira.
  • Fixed various factions.
  • NPCs should react a bit better to crimes committed by the player.
  • Fixed some ownership inconsistencies of beds in taverns. The bed in the Undercity tavern "The False Dog" can be rented and used properly.
  • Removed a few unused entries from the Masterfile.
  • Fixed an issue with the riddle in Tannerman's house in Riverville.
  • Added a global variable for patches.
  • Fixed a lot of keywords on ingredients, weapons, armors etc.
  • Fixed various lists from which loot gets generated.
  • The self crafted "Rune Battle Axe" works now as intended. "Silversteel daggers" can be tempered. Fixed crafting bugs with the finesteel armor.
  • Housing furniture can now also be crafted, even if the player has multiple similar blueprints in their inventory. Mannequins can now be placed properly.
  • Added better functionality for the "Horseflute".


  • All elementals should be resistant towards effects of their own elements.
  • Summoned creatures now won't flee and help allies.
  • Fourtusks no longer join the fray when the player is fighting other animals.
  • Tomb guardians of Old Ishmartep have a proper aggro radius.
  • For the duration of the transformation, "Arveldhiin the Wanderer" is invulnerable.
  • Wildlife won't drop gems (and similar) things after death.
  • All bound weapons scale with Entropy.
  • Reduced damage of the "Bound Battle Axe".
  • Fixed the value of the spellbook "Boon (Rank II)".
  • The spell cost of "Fire Cloak" gets reduced by the perk "Elementalist: Elemental Adept" instead of "Elementalist: Elemental Apprentice".
  • Reduced damage on most elementalism spells about a small amount.
  • Rearranged the leveled list for spells, slight changes to the spell levels applied.
  • The spell "Lightning Cowl" has two ranks, the spell "Provoke" now has a first rank.
  • Unified key weight (set to 0).
  • The dagger "Corpse tooth" can't be enchanted or disenchanted anymore.
  • The first three books of the "Butcher of Ark" series are now rarer (they don't appear on leveled lists anymore).
  • Adjusted damage values, speed, reach, weight and penny coin values for some early game weapons (pickaxes, woodcutter’s axes, hatchet, old swords, old claymores, iron weapons).
  • Adjusted values of penny coins in money bags, they can't be empty anymore, lesser chance for high amounts of gold in bags.
  • Adjusted values / contents of big coin stacks, coin barrels and gold ingots stacks.


  • Fixed various typos throughout the game.
  • Less cluttered Active Effects Tab.


  • Fixed block sounds on a few weapons.
  • Fixed sounds on various keys.
  • The bards and the music no longer play simultaneously on the market place.
  • Fixed a condition issue on Jespar's dialogue about his scar.
  • Golden Sickle dialogue properly conditioned.
  • Better condition on Erica Braveblood's hello after her quest "A Touching Effigy" (NQ17) ended.
  • The sound of Starling capsules is now quieter during the quests "Forgotten Homeland, Part III" and "Brave new World" (MQ13c, MQ18a).

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 11.06.2017