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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Launcher version: A65

Patch size: 80 MB



  • The Paper World Map will be displayed properly on the Halfmoon Isle.


  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Fixed multiple Objectives and target markers.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The inhabitants of Silvergrove won't attack once the Player enter their homes.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part I" (MQ13a): Kurmai will greet the Player properly if the player helped him during "The Biggest Egg Hunt Ever" (NQ01).


  • Fixed a LOD error on the Marketplace in Ark.
  • Fixed various leaks in the Frostcliff Mountains, in the Dark Valley, in the Heartlands and in Old Iniath.
  • Fixed various floats in the Goldenforst and in Old Iniath.
  • Fixed door teleport in the Pirate Hideout.


  • The forged Aeterna Mace does now more damage than its normal counterpart.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 16.11.2017