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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Note: This patch is only available for the Steam version which is the only maintained version of Enderal.



  • "The Void" (MQ02): Fixed a softlock caused by the player only grabbing or reading one of Yero's letters.
  • "Interlude" (MQ08Prologue):Fixed a bug that caused Leora Eren to not be present at the discussion in the Emporium.
  • "A Story from Spring" (FS_MQ18c): Preliminary fix for a static object.
  • "Revenge is Sour" (NQ05): Fixed experience points at the end of the quest.
  • "Find Max Niceblood!" (NQ18): The message at his camp gets no longer displayed before the quest even started.
  • "The Ghost of the Bottle" (NQ33): Fixed a display issue.
  • "The Elixir" (FS_NQ05): Added an objective so that the player now clearly recognizes that he has to wait some time for the epilogue. Fixed an issue with the notes of Mirell still being interactable after starting quest.
  • "Cuthbert's Legacy" (FS_NQ07): Fixed a bug where Aurora got stuck during her animation, preventing the start of the dinner scene.
  • "A Foot in the Door" (NQ_G_01): Fixed an issue that ended the previous quest early and locked the player out of the quest line. Fixed an issue that lead to a hold when the player left Rogash's dialogue too early. Fixed an issue that prevented Gunam giving the player his vouchers.
  • "The Long Way to the Top" (NQ_G_02): Added an additional Questmarker for Old Garagatha, so if the player leaves, he'll find the location again. The player is no longer able to leave Old Garagatha via teleport scrolls upon a certain point during the quest.
  • "Errand Boy" (NQ_G_03): Probably fixed a bug that caused the combat soundtrack to get stuck when the two enemeis at the caravan.
    • If you already have this quest started or if the combat soundtrack is already looping in your save, you can enter the command "removemusic b6327" into the console. Make sure to do this at least 2-3 times and cornfirm each line with enter.
  • "In our Shadows" (FS_NQR03): Knowledge dialogue gets evaluated properly.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind" (FS_NQR05): Probably fixed an issue that caused the Father to appear way to early at the excavation site.


  • Adjusted the file enblocal.ini to solve keyboard incompatibility issues.
  • Fixed a bug in the Battle of Treomar card game that caused the wrong card value to be stored if the player waited long enough while attempting to cheat.
  • Shrouded Mages can also be mesmerized.
  • Fixed an issue causing some NPC to only wear underwear.
  • Improved several conditions of generic dialogue.
  • Normal and Red Vynroot now also get affected by the perk "Careful Harvest".
  • Fixed a bug that caused souls to respawn and allowing the player to have multiple souls of the same name.
  • Learning and Crafting book should no longer restore health upon being read.
  • Lots of items are now properly craftable.
  • Probably fixed a bug that caused items to be renamed as their actual effect.
    • Already renamed items are not affected by this fix.
  • Fixed a crash caused when attempting to the book "Diary of a Miner".
  • Added a message that shows that the horseflute was added to the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue when the player used the horseflute from the back of the mount.
    • This probably only applies to new saves.
  • Attacking a dead Rhalâim in Old Aïsolôn no longer teleports the player into a certain place kills them shortly after.
  • If an enemy dies who got affected by a "Frenzy" spell or the talent "Entropic Blood", the EXP will be given to the player properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Spell "Grave Curse" causing dropped body parts to be invisible in the inventory if they got picked up.
  • Another fix was added to prevent companions from being shattered.
  • Fixed "Cold Glance of the Rat Catcher" so that the head is still visible.
  • Fixed a bug within the werewolf transformation that caused players to lose set bonuses permanently. Removed redundant code.
  • Fixed multiple textures and cubemaps.
  • Phasmalist Workbench blueprints can be added to the blueprint collection.
  • Fixed multiple ownership issues of objects.
  • Removed remaining strings from Update.esm.
  • Solved a issue between the Update.esm and Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm.


  • Slightly reduced the duration of the talent "Eye of the Storm" by -2 / -2 / -3 seconds.
  • Reduced duration of "Tapestry of Souls" to 20 / 25 / 30 seconds, but made the soul sound hearable from a greater distance.
  • Increased cooldown of the talent "Arctic Wind" to 25 / 30 / 35 seconds.
  • Fixed issues concerning children helping the player in a certain fight against bandits.
  • It's now more difficult to obtain the "Aetera Dagger" in a certain tower.
  • Added more early game Entropy spells and learning books.


  • Fixed multiple cases of open levels that allowed the player to glitch out of the level.
  • Fixed multiple cases of the player getting stuck between or in objects.
  • Improved Performance in the starting area and around Three River Watch.


  • Fixed lots of typos and descriptions, made multiple strings localizable.


  • Added missing voicefiles. Corrected multiple cut-off voicefiles.


  • Datafiles show last plugin edit date instead of the creation date.
  • Reworked window mode selection.
  • Added additional shadow distance settings slider.
  • Optimized launcher load and save time.
  • Improved usability of the Steam Workshop tool.
  • Default Workshop image defined.
  • Mods without files are no longer uploadable.
  • Mod tags can be adjusted via update mod option.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 28.02.2018