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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Note: This patch is only available for the Steam version which is the only maintained version of Enderal.



  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09a): Fixed an endless dialogue loop with Jespar.
  • "Fleshless" (MQ17): Fixed an issue that glitched the player view.
  • "Bad Vibrations" (NQ03): Player can no longer spam "Activate" on the Stone circle to receive the buff and items multiple times.
  • "Every Day like the Last" (CQJ02): Fixed a bug that caused the messenger kid not to spawn when the player waited in the suntemple. Furthermore the kid should no longer wait in the meditation area.
  • "Our Mark in this World" (FS_NQ02): Fixed a softlock in a dialogue with Esme in Old Ishmartep. Optimized pathfinding in Old Ishmartep.
  • "The Elixir" (FS_NQ05): Fixed an issue of the notes not being interactable when the player got close to Mirell but never talked to him. Mirell and Bea shouldn't trigger from all factions when they have to attack the player.
  • "Blood in the Sand" (FS_NQ06): Fixed letters glitching into tables and ground.
  • "Introduction to Phasmalism" (FS_NQ08): Fixed an issue of the tutorial not advancing if the player did not get close to the first soul in the first valley.
  • "Blood and Dust" (FS_NQR01): It should no longer be possible to trigger NPCs outside of the Dust Pit with AOE spells while the fights are running.
  • "Old Wounds" (FS_NQR04): Tharaêl no longer refers to Sister Pride as dead all the time.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind" (FS_NQR05): Fixed an issue that caused Tharaêl not to say anything after the quest. This might only work for saves created before the last conversation in the temple at the end of the quest. Fixed an issue that lead to Calia or Jespar being killable after finishing the quest.


  • Fixed a bunch of display and rotation issues of items in the inventory.
  • The affinity "Ritualist" now also works with summoned Oorbâyas.
  • Inodan's Wings are now properly craftable.
  • Fixed an issue with sign posts displaying names of other sign posts on their edges.
  • Smith in the barracks quarter trades now with the player if they joined the order.
  • Frozen companion NPCs can now really not be shattered.
  • Fixed and optimized a lot of models and textures.
  • Fixed ownership on the Secure Chest in Duneville.
  • Fixed an issue that causing the Starling Navigator talisman not to added to the inventory upon being crafted.
  • This fix will only work for new saves, old saves can add it with the console command: player.additem 101e9bb.
  • Fixed the perk "Mangle", the werewolf no longer knocks back enemies with every sprint attack but only when having the perk.
  • Fixed a few base enchantments and not being applicable to other gear.
  • Fixed an issue with "Call of the Wild" ability of Wood Elementals. It should no longer affect the player mounts.
  • Player horse can't die and no longer respawns invisible.
  • Cooking pot is now craftable for the player house.
  • Fixed the issue of the house renaming itself after reloading a save. The board has now also an option to re-enable the housing tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that looped a sound when fighting Zu-Sherath.
  • Fixed a problem where music wouldn't be played at all.
  • General code optimizations and improvements.


  • Arcane Fever caused by the death of an apparition has been reduced by approx. 70%.
  • Shrouded mages can now be traded with regardless of your alchemy/entropy level. Furthermore they should offer a wider variety of spell books. You need to wait until the trader inventory resets, usually 3 in-game days.
  • The perk "Wise Enchanter" has been nerfed to buff enchanting by 10, 5, and 5%.
  • Arcane Interference now buffs Enchanting only for 10%.
  • Apparitions now slowly regenerate health when out of combat.
  • If the player enters a city with an apparition and the Phasmalic Veil perk, the apparition becomes more transparent.
  • Slightly increased armor value of the Keeper armor and of the Skybreaker Set.
  • Increased the handicraft that is required to craft the "Vagabond's Sac".


  • Fixed multiple cases of open levels that allowed the player to glitch out of the level.


  • Fixed various typos.


  • Improved launcher functionality. If your game crashes ever so often, try turning "OSAllocators" on. The setting is located in the optimization tab.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 05.03.2018