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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Note: This patch is only available for the Steam version which is the only maintained version of Enderal.



  • The Void" (MQ02): Fixed a glitch of the player character when drinking wine with Jespar in the Drunken Bee Inn while sitting.
  • "The First Steps" (MQ03): Fixed an issue causing the guard in front of the Sun Temple to be missing when the player committed a crime beforehand. Random arcanists should no longer interrupt the scenes in Constantine's rooms during the quest.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part II" (MQ05): Improved headtracking during the ritual scene. Improved the enemy encounters with the "Suppressors". Fixed Aixon interrupting a certain dialogue. Fixed an issue that caused Aixon skipping dialogue lines when being "one-shot" by the player.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part III" (MQ06): NPCs in the Curarium should now always take all their positions out of sight. The fade-to-blacks are now smoother without mix-ups and tearing. The player now can't force Jespar to speak his generic dialogue. Refined headtracking during the consecration scene. Calia and the player also got better fitting idle animation assigned during the scene.
  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): Partially fixed the weather during the Pyrean Dream. Fixed the player not knocking on the door. Potentially fixed an issue causing the player to be stuck on their way to the living room. Reduced the volume of the "player's voice". Fixed Zura not speaking her lines properly. Fixed and streamlined the interactions with the hut's door. Reduced the objective update spam during the fight scene. Fixed the player not being able to lie in the bed on teleporting back to the Aged Man manor after the battle. Fixed headtracking and AI packages, smoothed fade-to-blacks, better voice ranges, removed unnecessary NPCs.
  • "-" (MQ07bAftermath): Lishari now leaves Old Dothûlgrad earlier and is no longer stuck there.
  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09): The player is no longer stuck on a black screen while taking to the High Ones as a werewolf.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part IV" (MQ10b): Fixed a bug causing not all dialogue options to be displayed properly.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Fixed an issue causing the scene with Dal'Galar and Maya on the dinner table to trigger too early. Fixed a small but constant performance issue that occurred when starting the quest.
  • "Black Light, Part I" (MQ12a): Fixed an issue causing the player being able to talk to Lexil about inserting the stones while Lexil is on his way to already insert the other stones.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): Fixed an issue which caused that certain NPCs weren't targetable after the siege.
  • "The Shards of Order, Part II" (MQ16): Fixed the audio output codec of on of Yuslan's dialogue lines.
  • "-" (CaliaDialogue): Fixed a small but constant performance issue.
  • "Two Souls, Part II" (CQC02): Fixed a bug that caused the conversation with Calia to halt, when the player tried to interact with her.
  • "The Biggest Egg Hunt Ever" (NQ01): Fixed an issue that caused Kurmai not having a dialogue option.
  • "A Touching Effigy" (NQ17): Fixed a bug that caused the player to lock themselves out of dialogue with Rys.
  • "Apotheosis, Part II" (NQ26): Fixed a trigger being missable when approaching the Mechanist's lift. Improved the first encounter with Pahtira when riding down the lift. Fixed the red protective barrier not being displayed under certain circumstances. Fixed the "turn" animations on activating the four valves. Fixed the core not being displayed properly. Fixed Yerai not going into cover when the final fight starts. Smoothed fade-to-blacks.
  • "Old Yogosh" (NQ30): Fixed the issue that the player never needed to insert the valve into the mechanism to progress. Fixed the objectives.
  • "Retribution" (NQ34): Fixed an issue causing the quest to not be displayed properly in the journal. The quest now properly fails when the player progresses with the main quest at hand. Fixed an issue that caused Calia only to respond with "Anything" when the player tried to interact with her if the quest never was completed.
  • "A Drop in the Ocean" (FS_NQ01): Fixed an issue causing Yuslan to be stuck within the Dust Pit.
  • "Our Mark on this World" (FS_NQ02): The bandits in Duneville no longer attack each other.
  • "Dreams of the Dead" (FS_NQ03): Fixed an objective.
  • "The Long Way to the Top" (NQ_G_02): Fixed a bug that caused Menhir not to talk to the player if they were too far away from each other. Fixed a bug that caused Menhir to wiggle around constantly and not responding on two occasions.
  • "Trails in the Sand" (NQ_G_05): Fixed an issue causing the objectives to be stuck when the player acquires multiple ingredients at once.
  • "Scorpion and Lion" (NQ_G_07): Fixed an issue with the protector not being present when bringing the letter to Maél. Fixed one objective that wasn't displayed properly. Added a new objective that advices the player to read the letter after taking it from the bag. Fixed an issue causing the quest not to progress properly when the player entered the sewer "too fast". Fixed an issue causing the player to deal no damage with staffs against the protective shields. Also fixed the behaviour of Devra and Alyx during the fight, it should now be more clear when the player is able to attack and the visual effects should not impair the view anymore. Probably fixed an issue that caused corpses not to be cleaned up at the end of the quest. Only applies for saves before the scene in the theater.
  • "Blood and Dust" (FS_NQR01): Fixed an issue causing Tharaêl and Rasha to be unresponsive after the first arena fight. Fixed a constant performance issue occuring after finishing the fifth fight in the arena.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind" (FS_NQR05): Fixed a bug causing the scene with the dead elk being stuck when elk isn't there for some reason. Fixed a bug that caused the scene between Brother Hatred and Tharaêl to be stuck when the encounter with the greater perversion has gone wrong. Fixed a bug causing a voice line of the Father not to be audible. Fixed a bug that caused the two clones to spawn even after the fight with the Father ended. The music should no longer "randomly" disappear in the Frostcliff mountains after the Rhalâta quest line ended.


  • Potentially fixed an issue that decreased performance over time when using the Devour Soul talent with the Dark Keeper affinity.
  • Fixed a bug that occured when the player was a half-aeterna and certain NPCs would stop talking mid dialogue.
  • Fixed a sound bug of the "Shadowtongue Oil" talent and improved the its code.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a cooldown reset for the "Starling spider" talent when successfully used. Removed redundant code and fixed various other script errors regarding the clean up of the leftovers of the starling spider after the explosion.
  • Fixed a wrong display of the spell level in the menu and the mana cost reduction calculation of the spell "Spell ward".
  • Fixed the issue causing the player not being able to enchant anything with the "Fortify Lockpicking" enchantment.
  • Fixed an issue that caused perversions to explode forever and not give EXP.
  • Fixed an issue causing the spectral chest not showing its correct weight.
  • Fixed an issue causing memory points being used when learning a talent from a talent book despite the talent already being known to the player.
  • Fixed four rhetoric options thoughout the game not showing up properly.
  • Fixed a message not showing up on game start when not all files are loaded properly.
  • The blueprint collection can now be obtained again if dropped from the inventory. Improved the inventory filter by replacing the formlist with one keyword. Fixed an effect being displayed when the book was used.
  • Potentially fixed the issue that the Alchemy and Magic shop in the Sun Temple being locked.
  • Fitzai should now always sell his proper wares.
  • Halda now buys and sells the Oder's arcanist and novice robes and hoods.
  • Larenya now actually sells some wares.
  • Flawless Amethyst is now sellable at the correct merchants, it is now displayed as gem instead of clutter.
  • Fixed AI of a couple guards, nobles, beggars, apothecarii in the undercity, the travellers at the northwind storage.
  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs within the Poem-reading scenes of Prince Mith in the Noble’s quarter. Furthermore, he no longer recites the same poem twice in a row. Fixed an issue of Prince Mith using the bed that the player can purchase at the Far Leoran Inn.
  • Reverted changes to troll combat behaviour. They now roar, flail, etc. again but less often than before.
  • Improved more enemy encounters across the game.
  • Arcanist Hood is now displayed on mannequins.
  • Fixed multiple meshes and textures.
  • Removed unused stuff.


  • Fixed multiple issues the boss encounter in Ad'Balor. Slightly increased the stats of the boss to match them with the stats of other encounters in the same dungeon.


  • Improved performance in the Old Man's Manor, the Chronicum, the Fat Leoran, the Golden Sickle Guildhouse, Gabor Gaboff's warehouse, in the Library, the Apothekarii house in the Undercity, in Old Ishmartep, in Fortress Rockwatch, in Dal'Mercer's Estate, from Fortress Goldenforst down to the southern tip of the Goldenforst, in the Dark Valley (around the Myrad Tower and abandoned village), around the Northcliff Hold and in the Suntemple.
  • Fixed various floats, leaks as well as navmesh. Fixed positioning of various furniture.


  • Fixed a bunch of typos and grammar errors.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 07.07.2019