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*"Deux Ex Machina": Fixed an issue that caused Calia to be stuck inside the dungeon when backtracking after encountering the farmer.
*"Deux Ex Machina": Fixed an issue that caused Calia to be stuck inside the dungeon when backtracking after encountering the farmer.
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[https://forum.sureai.net/viewtopic.php?f=136&p=106818 SureAI News Forum - checked 16.05.2019]
[https://forum.sureai.net/viewtopic.php?f=136&p=106818 SureAI News Forum - checked 16.05.2020]

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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Note: This patch is only available for the Steam version which is the only maintained version of Enderal.



  • "Deux Ex Machina": Fixed an issue that caused Calia to be stuck inside the dungeon when backtracking after encountering the farmer.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part IV": Fixed an issue that caused all music to be gone after arriving in Duneville.
  • "Angel": Fixed that Raljot Darkwind was killable and therefore causing the quest not to start at all when reading Lexil’s notes.
  • "All the Dead Souls": Fixed an issue that allowed the player to leave the area in which Adila is confronted prematurely.
  • "Black Light, Part I": Fixed an issue that Lexil did not insert the black stones properly when quitting the dialog with him early.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part II": Improved elevator scene slightly, Player can position themselves more freely.
  • "Forgotten Homeland, Part III": Fixed a bug that caused the stone slab to close again if the player either saved and loaded the game or meditated after using the lever.
  • "Fleshless": Fixed an issue that caused the flesh constructs to explode every time they were hit, not only the first time.
  • "The Dreary Field": The key will no longer be marked as questitem after the quest ends and can be stored in chests like other keys.
  • "Put Off the Evil Hour": Fixed a bug that caused Kabar to not give the player the proper reward when giving him 300 pennies. Also the given pennies will now properly show up in his inventory.
  • "A Drop in the Ocean": Adjusted the first objective so that it only points towards Yuslan once the conversation with Lexil and Yuslan finished completely. Fixed a bug that caused a black screen when meditating on Qyra.
  • "Blood in the Sand": Fixed a bug that caused the dialogue with the guard in front of Darius house to be stuck despite handing in all the proof. This was caused by giving the guard two instead of only one debt note. Added additional objective to pick up the letter from the old lighthouse.
  • "Cuthbert's Legacy": Fixed a bug that caused Aurora to be stuck at the ground floor of her tower after giving her the potion.
  • "The Long Way to the Top": The trap door in Old Garagatha can now be used after finishing the quest.
  • "Trails in the Sand": Fixed an issue that caused Mael to be absent from the cellar of the Golden Sickle.
  • "Scorpion and Lion": The aftermath scene of the quest was improved.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind": Fixed various smaller issues within in quest, for example positioning of NPCs, AI of NPCs etc. Fixed that it was possible to enter the temple before talking to Tharaêl again after finishing the preparation. Also fixed objective display in that regard. Fixed a bug that accidentally sided the player with Tharaêl at the end of the quest. Now it automatically sides the player with the father under the circumstance that the father tricked Tharaêl. Fixed a bug that the father was attackable before the boss fight. Fixed an issue that broke Tharaêl’s special attack during the final bossfight. Fixed an issue that caused the father to talk to the player before teleporting to his proper location for the last dialogue. Fixed an issue that allowed the player to loot Tharaêl's corpse twice.


  • The mod "Better Dialogue Controls" is now included into Enderal by default. Thanks to ecirbaf for creating the mod and thanks to uranreactor for porting it for Enderal.
  • Fixed health bars of summoned creatures.
  • The player now sheaths their weapon when flying with a myrad.
  • Fixed a potential race condition reading memory skill books.
  • Fixed that mounts reverted their name after reloading a save. Added the function to rename mounts in Freda’s dialog and when using the horse flute.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain crafted furniture not to function properly in the player houses.
  • Enemies no longer explode when they die regularly while being frozen. This should lift the confusion around the "Icy Embrace" achievement which requires the player to actually explode the enemy while frozen (high chances for that exist with blunt weapons, lightning spells and power attacks).
  • Removed unused stuff.
  • Fixed the perk “Infiltrator: Seducer”. It now bypasses all rhetoric checks properly as the perk subscription suggests.
  • Fixed that the perks “Phasmalist: Focus - Violence”, “Phasmalist: Focus - Shaman” and Phasmalist: Focus - Deviousness” weren’t applied properly on Rank II and Rank III. Also adjusted their respective perks descriptions.
  • The enchantment “Strengthen Apparition” now properly applies its effects to summoned apparitions.
  • Fixed a bug that the combat style of an apparition wasn’t changed until it was re-summoned. Furthermore fixed the issue that the combat style wasn't properly changed while the apparition in question was in combat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the apparition Zar’Ah to spawn with a new dagger, every time it was summoned.
  • Fixed an issue in which the amount of required soul gems wasn’t properly updated until the player actually was prompted to confirm the actual spectralization.
  • Items retrieved from an apparition’s inventory will no longer be marked as stolen in the player inventory.
  • The display name of the inventory when spectralizing and despectralizing items should now always be the actual name of the apparition.
  • The Phasmalist table should now work normally when crafted and placed in one of the player houses. Additionally the enchantment menu no longer opens after closing the Phasmalist menu.
  • Apparitions should no longer cause the Arcane Fever to increase when summoned in the player houses.
  • Fixed and optimized Phasmalist code in general.
  • Fixed that "Blue Island’s Thorn" was declared as a dagger. Renamed it to "Kilean Short Sword".
  • Fixed infinite enchantment bug on "Unholy Axe", "Rune Dagger of Ambush", "Dagger of Despair", "Dagger of the Righteous Ambush" and "Kilean Short Sword" (formerly "Blue Island’s Thorn").
  • Fixed that "Qalian's Last Smile" couldn’t be dismantled to its unique component “Ancient Mask”. Furthermore fixed that it wasn’t using the correct enchantment after crafting it.
  • Fixed that the spell "Divine Shield" looked weird on the "Backpack of the Arcanist".
  • Fixed that the "Kilean Short Sword" (formerly "Blue Island’s Thorn") was invisible.
  • Fixed an issue that one particular beggar couldn't be talked to.
  • Fixed that some merchants didn’t trade as intended.


  • When discovering a hidden stash inside a chest, its content will now be accessible in the normal chest in case the player did not loot it immediately.
  • Increased the damage of "Black Widow’s Elegy".
  • Slightly improved the gains of the perks “Phasmalist: Focus - Violence”, “Phasmalist: Focus - Shaman” and Phasmalist: Focus - Deviousness”.


  • Improved performance in "Ark, South Quarter" up to 20 fps.
  • Improved performance in "Ark, Barracks" up to 10 fps.
  • Improved performance in "Silver Grove" up to 5 fps.
  • Improved performance in every place that contained certain book stacks.
  • Fixed a bunch of non-working ore mines.
  • Fixed navmesh all around Enderal, especially in the following locations: "Farmers Coast", "Foreign Quarter in Ark", "South Quarter in Ark", "Barracks in Ark", "Small Sandpit", "Old Yogosh", "Old Starling Mine", "Glowstone Grotto", "Halfmoon Island".
  • Fixed interior and exterior not matching on "Sura’s Shop" in Riverville.


  • Fixed a bunch of localization mistakes.


  • Sound when discovering a new location will now be played again.
  • Fixed a voiceline of Mendelus.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 16.05.2020