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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Note: This patch is only available for the Steam version which is the only maintained version of Enderal.



  • "A Story from Spring": Fixed an issue which caused romance dialogue to be played even if the player neither romanced Calia nor Jespar.
  • "Secrets": Yero’s Tower can now also be unlocked with the key found in his casket during the guest "The Void".
  • "Scorpion and Lion": Fixed a bug that caused the quest to stop progressing if main quest "Interlude" automatically updated itself to meet Tealor in the Emporium. Hallys from quest "Deus Ex Machina" will no longer spawn and talk with the player while fleeing with Dijaam.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind": Fixed an issue that caused the scene at the gate of the excavation site to stop prematurely if the participating NPCs started combat with nearby enemies.


  • It should no longer be possible to drop and store items on the ground while meditating.
  • Fixed a bug that caused female characters not to be able to re-transform properly from werewolf to human form.
  • "Fortify mana regeneration" effect of mana fungi and alcohol won't stack up anymore. No more gaining insane mana regeneration rates from drinking a few bottles of ale and dropping a fungi on top of it.
  • Standardized all effects of alcohol (no more "restore stamina" effects for some of them, for example).
  • Bottled water has no alcohol effects anymore, instead it regenerates a tiny portion of stamina now. It also became cheaper than alcohol and is sold in bulk quantities in many inns and taverns.
  • Most of the inns now sell a bit of peaceweed, in case you'll find yourself out of peaceweed at night.
  • "Erbgoth's Leather Goods" shop in Ark: replaced the fire arrows lying on the counter with steel arrows.


  • Fixed multiple meshes.
  • Improved performance in the Dream world, at the Farmers Coast, in the South Quarter, in the Noble’s Quarter and in the Suntemple.
  • Fixed navmesh in Riverville.


  • Fixed typos, wording, and grammar in various books.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 08.09.2020