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Rhalâta' Temple
Rhalâta' Temple

The Father, First Seer, Sister Envy, Brother Sorrow, Scion Gustav, Rhalâim


Undercity, Arena


Initially the access to this place is locked. It becomes available during the Rhalâta faction quest In Our Shadows.
The player can enter the place even after finishing the Rhalâta quest line (regardless which side he choose).


Interior Map

The Father's Quarters

Access to the Father's Quarters is blocked until the last quest of the Rhalâta faction quest Dark Chambers of our Mind by Brother Sorrow.
Once the requirements are met, the stone wall will vanish, revealing the Father's Quarters. The room looks more like a laboratory. Some notable things:

  • Substance Decomposer
  • One of the fragments for the quest Home of the Forsaken
  • Phasmalist Workbench
  • Simulacrum of a human body (artificial human body)
  • Small patch of dirt on which the Father grows some alchemy ingredients

Note: During the final Rhalâta quest, the Father leaves the room and will never come back. Instead, the First Seer will take his place.

Seer Room

The Seer room is the library where the First Seer can be found prior to the completion of the Rhalâta quest line (afterwards the First Seer will relocate to the Father's Quarters).
It connects to the Merchant room.


The "Merchant Room" is where the player can find Sister Envy (the only Rhalâim that trades with the player).
It connects to:

  • Tower 1
  • the Seer Room
  • the Hallway to the Father's Quarters and the Meditation Room

Meditation Room

The meditation room (or prayer room) is where the Rhalâim medidate. It's on the hallway between the Merchant room and the Father's Room.

Tower 1

Tower 1 connects to:

  • the entry/exit
  • the Merchant room
  • the Quarters
  • the Storage

It's also where Scion Gustav waits for the prophet to start the quest The Price of Freedom


The place where the Rhalâim sleep. There are several sleeping bags on the ground. Connects to Tower 1.


Scion Gustav will stay there after The Price of Freedom has started. Connects to Tower 1.




  • As stated in In Our Shadows, you will earn distrust if you break the rules (like "showing skin")
  • Killing Rhalâim inside the temple is not allowed. If the player breaks this rule then the Father will teleport the player in the air (outside Tower 1) and let him fall to his death.
    • This will happen even after finishing the Rhalâta faction quest.
    • Killing a Rhalâim and then leaving the temple through the exit will not prevent this event as the player will be teleported back.