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Selna was the first Truchessa of The Holy Order, as well as the leader of The First Vassals. She had a son with her late husband, Ketaron, whom she called Dagis. She can also be considered the protagonist of The Path. Selna was a farmer who was personally recruited by Malphas to join the journey to Enderal. After she and her husband questioned Malphas' ability to protect them during the journey, the Light-Born destroyed their village, including all villagers and buildings, to prove his power. This event is recalled in Verses XXVIII and XXIX of The Path. This convinced Selna to join the journey.

During the journey, Selna helped reaffirm the vassals' faith in Malphas, remaining unshaken until the end. She resisted the mutiny of The 24 Pathless Ones, explained the neutrality of Magic when her husband used it to kill The Kraken, and continued building the Sun Temple as ordered by Malphas even when its foundation seemed to give way. Malphas spoke through her several times, eventually choosing her as the leader of the vassals for her piety.

Selna received her path of the Sublime directly from Malphas, as described in Verse LXXII of The Path. She later received her position as Truchessa from Malphas in Verse LXXVII. She repelled the attack of Kilra and his band of pathless while heavily pregnant with Dagis, eventually giving birth to the boy at the same moment a sword decapitated Kilra. These events are described in Verses LXXXVII through LXXXIX.

Selna created the process of initiation into The Holy Order: a long apprenticeship that ends in a difficult test to combat the high number of people who would want to join their ranks. This was described in Verse XCVII.