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Spell Ward
Effect(s) Increases Armor Rating by X and reduces taken damage by X points.
School Mentalism Ranks I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Memories Thaumaturge

Spell Ward [Book]
Editor Name -
Type Spell Tome
EN-Cost.png - EN-Weight.png 1

Rank Editor Name FormID EN-Cost.png
I 00085662 30
II 00085663 80
III 0012E17A 100
IV 0012E17B 150
V 0012E17C 250
  • Vyn - Enderal (-32, 1) @ Z: 1622.460083
  • Riverville, Mayor's House
  • NPC: Grupub the Bone Breaker in Ruins of Dal'Valstaag, Castle Keep
  • Vyn - Enderal (-19, 0) @ Z: 4525.563965
  • Old Silver Fortress
  • Throatstone Woodworks
  • Cliff Diving Grotto, Tomb
  • Fortress Wellwatch
  • Fortress Rockwatch

Spell Ward is a Mentalism spell in Enderal: The Shards of Order.


Rank Effect Level Cost ID
I Increases Armor Rating by 35 and reduces taken damage by 35 points. Novice 7/s 00085662
II Increases Armor Rating by 53 and reduces taken damage by 53 points. Apprentice 14/s 00085663
III Increases Armor Rating by 78 and reduces taken damage by 78 points. Adept 24/s 0012E17A
IV Increasing Armor Rating by 110 and reduces taken damage by 110 points. Expert 35/s 0012E17B
V Increases Armor Rating by 140 and reduces taken damage by 140 points. Expert 50/s 0012E17C
VI Increases Armor Rating by 180 and reduces taken damage by 180 points. Master 70/s