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If you have any issues with the installation and updates or any ingame problems, here you will get all the information you may need to solve them.

We will answer the most asked question right in the beginning: "Does Enderal work with the new 64bit Skyrim Special Edition (SSE)? SKSE64 has been released for a while."
No, you need a Classic Skyrim Installation (32bit, released in 2011). It doesn't matter which DLCs you own, since they are not required. We will look into porting Enderal, when we have released the upcoming DLC for Enderal, called Forgotten Stories, and when we have released a couple of patches for the DLC. Maybe there will be a version of Enderal for SSE someday.


System requirements

Skip down to the installation video section if you want a more visualized instruction.

Moving on to the actual installation, we highly recommend setting up a "clean Skyrim installation" (= without mods and ENBs) in order to install Enderal, because Enderal replaces Skyrim. However, you can use your modded Skyrim installation, the Enderal Launcher will create a backup of your Skyrim installation for you. The backup can be restored if you choose to uninstall Enderal. It is possible the Enderal launcher has problems recognizing your installed mods. So, we recommend using a clean Skyrim installation. Run Skyrim once to check if everything is working properly. If not, then you have to check what is wrong with Skyrim installation. Furthermore we recommend to not install SKSE manual, it already is included in Enderal. A manual install could cause problems and bugs.

After you've set up a working Skyrim installation you need to download the Enderal installation file (8GB file size, 13GB when installed). There are three mirrors for the english version:

We recommend using the torrent version if you are familiar with torrents. Some Browsers have problems handling big files (in our case 8GB). Furthermore the download of the installation file will fail around 4GB if the download directory is located on a harddrive which is formatted in FAT32.

Download the installation file but do not try to unzip it youself, the official Enderal Launcher will install and update Enderal for you. The english version of the Enderal Launcher is availabe on enderal.com. If you want to play Enderal in another language, you need to download the respective launcher and installation package. You can change the language on enderal.com in the top corner. It may be that your anti virus program / firewall / windows defender / browser tries to block the download of the launcher, just set the website as whitelisted and accept the file. Our website is virus free and can be safely downloaded from. Move the dowloaded Launcher directly into your main Skyrim directory. If you have Skyrim installed via Steam, it should most likely look like this: C:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim. If you have Skyim installed via the Original DVD, then you have to find the directory yourself.

If you decide to install Enderal on a modded Skyrim or if you want to mod Enderal and you use a mod-management tool (e.g Nexus Mod Manager), we recommend to switch to a vanilla profile (vanilla profile = no mods installed). After setting up a vanilla profile, check again if Skyrim is working properly. ENBs which are made for Skyrim usually won't work, they heavily interfere with certain elements of the story (e.g. fade-to-black). Please remove them before installing Enderal.

Run the Enderal Launcher in your Skyrim directory as administrator - again there could be warnings by your firewall / windows defender / anti virus program, because it's a relatively unknown program. Click on "Install Enderal" and make sure to read through the initial warning and the readme.txt carefully. We'd like to warn you again: ENBs which are made for Skyrim usually won't work, they heavily interfere with certain elements of the story (e.g. fade-to-black). Please remove them before installing Enderal.

After that, the launcher will do a system check for compatibilty. It is possible that your Graphics Card won't be displayed properly for various reasons (if the desktop runs only with the integrated card, or if you run your Graphics Card in SLI or Crossfire etc). Don't worry too much, Enderal should automatically choose your correct Graphics Card on start up. If not, check your NVIDIA control panel or Crimson ReLive and choose the correct Graphics Card for tes5.exe.

Click on the next "Install Enderal" button. Now there are two options: Install from the "Enderal installation file" or "Restore Enderal" When installing for the first time, you have to choose the "Enderal installation file". The "Restore Enderal" option is meant for players, who have already played Enderal before, switched to Skyrim for a while, but now want to play Enderal again. More on that later. You need to tell the Enderal Launcher where your Installation file is located. Select the file by clicking on the button with the three points on it. Done that, you can now set the backup path for your original Skyrim. Then hit "Start installation". The launcher creates the backup in the first step and then installs Enderal. It could take a while especially in the beginning of the actual installation. Please do not close the launcher during this process. Once it's done, select "Installation done" button. Now only one thing is missing before you are able to play Enderal - the updates.


After the installation, you need to update Enderal to the newest version (recent patch: The first update is mandatory: without it you won't be able to play. The launcher will display if new updates are available - a message will be displayed at the top. Hit the "Update" button on the right, then hit the button in the middle to download and install it. You can disable automatic update installation if you want to. The english patch notes can be looked at here.

We will update the installation file on all three sources when we release the Forgotten Stories DLC. This way the file will include all fixes up to that point and you won't necessarily need updates, however, we still highly recommend installing every Patch which comes after the DLC release.

Some people are encountering issues while updating and installing the patches. If you can't sort out your problem, feel free to open up a thread in our support sub forum (of course you need to create an account in order to post and comment). More information about the possible "support" we can give you down here.

If everything is up and running, you can delete the 8GB installation file.

Installation Videos

Launcher Debugging

Within the launcher several minor "errors" can occur, but most of the time you are able to solve them quickly yourself.

No server connection

  • Our patch and download servers are always online.
  • Make sure to run the launcher as admin.
  • If the launcher displays that our download servers are offline, check your internet connection first. If your connection is stable, but you are still not able to get a connection to our patch servers, try to set the Enderal launcher as whitelisted on your firewall or your anti virus program. You probably have to restart the launcher, otherwise it may not detect changes on your firewall or anti virus program.
  • Port 80 must be free and available to use for the launcher.
  • Untick and tick the online mode checkbox again in the launcher's update window, the launcher will try to connect to another domain.
  • Wait a few minutes, the server might be busy (especially on patch days).
  • Restart your PC and run the launcher as admin.
  • Do you use VPN? It might help to deactivate or activate it.

If this does not work:

  • Press [WIN] + [R] to open up run dialog box.
  • Type in cmd.exe and confirm with [ENTER].
  • Then type the following: netsh winsock reset and confirm with [ENTER].
  • Restart your PC.
  • Start the launcher as admin and try to download the patches again.

Patches are downloaded or installed repeatedly

Some users experience issues with downloading or installing of the patches. An indication for this issue is that the the amount of downloads / installations is increasing above the actual number of patches. This is usually the result of some sort of write protection on your Skyrim / Enderal directory. Try to disable this write protection and/or restart your PC. The Enderal launcher needs to be run as admin. Also try to enable or disable the Automatic Update installation in the launcher.

Problem while downloading

  • Make sure it's not a write protection issue like it is explained above.
  • Close the Enderal launcher.
  • Delete the files in this directory: ...\Skyrim\EnderalLauncher\update.
  • Run the Enderal launcher as admin and try to download the patches again.

Problem while downloading or installing

  • Make sure it's not a write protection issue like it is explained above.
  • Close the Enderal launcher.
  • Open up the file: ...\Skyrim\EnderalLauncher\system\config\conf.sur with a text editor, i.e. Notepad++.
  • Edit the line sCurrentVersion=x.x.x.x to sCurrentVersion= and save the file.
  • Run the launcher as admin and install the patches again.

Application load error: p:0000065432

  • This is not an Enderal related bug, it's a Steam / Skyrim bug.
  • Check if Steam is correctly installed and running.
  • Restarting Steam or restarting your PC might also help to get rid of this error.

Enderal Launcher does not detect the game files anymore

In rare cases it can happen that the launcher does not detect the game files anymore. Theoretically you would need to reinstall Enderal and download the patches again. Before you do that, try out these tips:

  • Close the Enderal launcher.
  • Open up the file: ...\Skyrim\EnderalLauncher\system\config\conf.sur with a text editor, i.e. Notepad++.
  • Edit this line bInstallStat=0 to bInstallStat=1. Save the file.
  • Run the Enderal launcher as admin and start playing Enderal.

Enderal Launcher Interface is not displayed properly

This issues usually is caused by applications / widgets that need "refresh/reload" your desktop (for example clock widgets or weather applications). Disable/Close these and the Enderal Launcher will be loaded fine on the next start up.

Bug Tracker

The [1] is mainly meant for ingame bugs. If you encounter any issues with the installation, updates, website or if you are unsure wether your discovered bug is an actual bug or a feature, please head over to our support sub forum and let's see if we can solve it there. Don't hesitate to open new threads if you are unsure if it is related to similar reports. The amount of support we can provide is fairly limited, you can read more over here. Questions, story discussion and other similar topics can be found in the other Enderal-related sub forums.

Let's return to the subject: the tracker. You are able to create a ticket even without registering. We highly recommend to create an account, since that's the only way to get E-Mail notifications when your ticket got updated / resolved. The tracker isn't connected to our forums, hence you need to create a new account.

Things you may want to consider before creating a ticket.:

  • Is the bug reproducible (= can be done over and over again, more than once)? If yes, how is it reproducible - take notes for the ticket.
  • Does reloading an earlier save "solve" the bug?
  • Is it an actual bug or may it be a feature? If you are unsure, feel free to ask in the forums.
  • Is it caused by mods? Skyrim mods are not necessarily compatible. Disable your mods to find out if they are causing the problem.
  • Does a similar ticket already exist? Use the search function by clicking on "View Issues" on the left hand. Search for keywords your ticket may include, e.g. quest name, NPC name, location name, spells, talents etc. - be aware, there may be spoilers.
  • There are some Skyrim-Engine bugs, which we can't resolve, use Google to search for a fix.

Creating the ticket:

  • You can create a ticket with and without having an account. Click on "Report Issue" in the top right corner of the tracker main page. Now choose a category. If you are unsure in which category the bug would fit in, simply choose any of the categories, we will eventually move it to the correct one. However most categories should be self explanatory.
  • Fill out the given form and make sure to give us as much information as possible.
  • It is often necessary to attach your save. Make sure to attach both .ess and .skse file, otherwise we can't help you.
  • Be communicative. Often we need additional information, saves or descriptions of your bug to analyze and solve it.
  • Sometimes it's possible, that we can't solve the bug right away - please be patient.
  • Don't get mad or rude - this is of no avail to anyone.
  • If you find the cause or an actual fix for a bug, please let us know.


Enderal was downloaded 1.4 million times (April 2017) and we are very thankful for all the feedback. But many players result in many problems. As you may know, we are doing this project completely in our spare time besides our daily lives (jobs, education, university etc.). Due to our limited time we only have limited possibilities to support and to solve problems. We have to rely heavily on you, the community, to help out each other. If you know how to solve a problem of another player, please help out! The team also tries to help and solve problems, but we mainly check the bug tracker.


There are some known problems and tipps:

  • Enderal saves are stored in the same directory as your Skyrim saves (usually ...\documents\mygames\skyrim\saves).
  • Do not load Enderal saves into Skyrim or the other way round. They may get corrupted.
  • Do not use "Verify the Integrity of game files" option on Skyrim if Enderal is installed. It will mess up the whole installation and you can prepare yourself for a whole reinstall.
  • If the game crashes during the first loadingscreen and displays an error "Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID: ...", you need to close the game and the launcher and remove the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini in ...\documents\my games\Skyrim\ and restart Enderal afterwards.
  • "Random crashes" (while changing locations etc.) can happen occasionally and we can't really do anything about it. We've optimized the worst areas and will continue to do so. So there is no need to report them.
  • Try to set up ENBoost (without graphical changes) to make Enderal crash less.
  • If the game crashes are reproducible under certain circumstances we will try our best to fix it. A ticket at the bug tracker would be useful. Thanks!
  • If an ingame video stutters, turn off (or on) OneTweak in the Enderal Launcher. Usually this gets rid of the issue. No need to report it.
  • If you encounter weird video- und audio glitches, you should limit your FPS to 60 via drivers, a FPS Limiter or ENBost.
  • Enderal uses the Engine to it's limits, FPS Drops may happen in certain regions.
  • The User Interface (menus ingame) are optimized for 16:9 monitors. Other ratios can't be supported at the moment, because we don't have an interface programmer.
  • If you encounter a quest bug (or something similar), do not try out console commands on your own. Let us take a look at your save first, before messing up the save by mistake.

General Information regarding Mod Usage

We can't support Mods for Enderal officially. Like stated in the installation instruction above, the most Skyrim mods cause problems, because they aren't optimized for Enderal (Enderal uses it's own modified Masterfile, Scripts and assets.). However Enderal has it's own category on Nexusmods.com. Check it our, if you want to mod Enderal. Please be careful: Some mods might not be updated for the newest version of Enderal and cause bugs. There is also a "Compatible Modlist", which was created and tested by users and will be reworked. Here alos the warning: Mods might be marked as Enderal-compatible, but might break due to a newer Enderal update. We can't take mod compatibilty into account while fixing bugs.


The uninstallation (or switching back to Skyrim) is simple. If you have set up a new profile for Enderal in your Modmanager, you should definitely switch it back to a vanilla Skyrim profile. Run the Enderal Launcher and click on the "Change Installation" button, then the "Uninstall Enderal" button. Now two options are presented, you can either delete Enderal completely or archive Enderal. If you want to swap back to Enderal after playing Skyrim for a while, archiving would we the way to go since it creates a backup of Enderal which can be restored with the Enderal Launcher at any point. Especially useful if you haven't kept the 8GB installation file. Deleting Enderal does exactly what it says - it deletes all Enderal-related files. If you made your decision, hit "Start uninstallation". If you've changed your mind, hit "Back". The Launcher will now either delete Enderal and recreate Skyrim or archive Enderal and recreate Skyrim. Please do not cancel this process, the files might get corrupted. Once this is done you can decide if you want to let the Enderal Launcher sit in your Skyrim folder or if you want to delete it too. Warning: This will also remove all your Enderal archives. If you have archived Enderal, you should keep the Launcher and its files.

Now you choose your profile again to and place the ENB files back in the game files.

In case you have archived Enderal you can switch back to Enderal easily. Switch profiles (=create a vanilla Skyrim), remove the ENB files, start the Enderal Launcher and choose "Restore Enderal" this time. If you haven't kept an Enderal backup, you have to do the usual installation process.

If you are unable to access the original skill menu of Skyrim once you've reinstalled Skyrim, we recommend to remove the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini in ...\documents\my games\Skyrim\ and restart Skyrim afterwards.


Enderal was officially released first in german and later in english during sommer 2016. At the moment there are several external teams working on localizations for the following languages: korean, polish, russian, czech and french. If you are interested in helping out these teams, some translators can be contacted on our Discord server. All teams are also listed on our Localization page. Are you interested creating a localization in your language? Get in contact with us.

SureAI Wiki

As you might know, we have a wiki - in german and english, which is the online encyclopedia for our games. Thanks to some announcements, we could arouse interest to help us out. The Wiki is still far from complete - and we always need some contributors! Shoot a us a message either here in the forums or on our Discordserver if you are interested! Or simply use your SureAI account to log into our Wiki and just start editing!