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Enderal - Forgotten Stories


Enderal - Forgotten Stories is Enderal's Steam version and contains both Enderal - The Shards of Order as well as the DLC Forgotten Stories. Enderal - Forgotten Stories is available on Steam on February 14 2019.

These Instructions are purely meant for the Steam Version of Enderal. Older versions from the Nexus, ModDB or other third party websites (including torrent) are no longer up-to-date and maintained. If you want to get into Enderal, we highly recommend using the Steam verion to begin with.


Minimum system requirements

  • Depending on whether you want to play Enderal Special Edition or Enderal Classic, you must also own the corresponding version of Skyrim on Steam. This means if you intend to play Enderal Special Edition, you must own Skyrim Special Edition; to play Enderal Classic (non-special Edition) you must own Skyrim Classic (non-special Edition) or Legendary Edition. Skyrim doesn't need to be installed - just owned, no DLCs required.

Requirements for Enderal Classic:

  • Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
  • 16 GB free hard drive space
  • 4 GB RAM memory
  • Intel Core2Duo E7400 CPU or equivalent
  • GeForce 9800 GTX 1GB or equivalent

Simply download and install Enderal - Forgotten Stories from Steam as you would with any other game if the above requirements are met. Once the installation is finished run Enderal through Steam and the Enderal launcher will show up. Here you will be able to switch graphic settings, access the .ini files or your save directory and launch the game itself. Enderal's steam installation does not mess around with your Skyrim installation. They can get installed at the same time.


Updates will be automatically downloaded via Steam. Patch notes will be published on the wiki, on Steam and in our news forums.

Known Launcher problems and troubleshooting

  • Make sure that the Enderal Launcher.exe, tes5.exe and skse_loader.exe run as admin
  • To change resolution: Switch OneTweak in the optimization of the Launcher off.

Enderal Launcher Interface is not displayed properly

This issue usually is caused by applications / widgets that need "refresh/reload" your desktop (for example clock widgets or weather applications). Disable/Close these and the Enderal Launcher will be loaded fine on the next start up.

Bug Tracker

The Bug Tracker is mainly meant for ingame bugs. If you encounter any issues with the installation, updates, website or if you are unsure wether your discovered bug is an actual bug or a feature, please head over to our support sub forum and let's see if we can solve it there. Don't hesitate to open new threads if you are unsure if it is related to similar reports. The amount of support we can provide is fairly limited, you can read more over here. Questions, story discussion and other similar topics can be found in the other Enderal-related sub forums.

Let's return to the subject: the tracker. In order to create a ticket you need to create an account, this prevents bots from spamming the tracker. You will get E-Mail notifications when your ticket got updated or resolved. The tracker isn't connected to our forums or wiki, hence you need to create a new account.

Things you may want to consider before creating a ticket.:

  • Do you have the newest update installed?
  • Have you tried to verify the game files via Steam?
  • Is the bug reproducible (= can be done over and over again, more than once)? If yes, how is it reproducible - take notes for the ticket.
  • Does reloading an earlier save "solve" the bug?
  • Is it an actual bug or may it be a feature? If you are unsure, feel free to ask in the forums.
  • Is it caused by mods? Skyrim mods are not necessarily compatible. Disable your mods to find out if they are causing the problem.
  • Does a similar ticket already exist? Use the search function by clicking on "View Issues" on the left hand. Search for keywords your ticket may include, e.g. quest name, NPC name, location name, spells, talents etc. - be aware, there may be spoilers.
  • There are some Skyrim-Engine bugs, which we can't resolve, use Google to search for a fix.

Creating the ticket:

  • You can create a ticket with and without having an account. Click on "Report Issue" in the top right corner of the tracker main page. Now choose a category. If you are unsure in which category the bug would fit in, simply choose any of the categories, we will eventually move it to the correct one. However most categories should be self explanatory.
  • Fill out the given form and make sure to give us as much information as possible.
  • It is often necessary to attach your save. Make sure to attach both .ess and .skse file, otherwise we can't help you.
  • Be communicative. Often we need additional information, saves or descriptions of your bug to analyze and solve it.
  • Sometimes it's possible, that we can't solve the bug right away - please be patient.
  • Don't get mad or rude - this is of no avail to anyone.
  • If you find the cause or an actual fix for a bug, please let us know.


Enderal was downloaded 1.4 million times (April 2017). The release of Enderal on Steam will bring in lots of new people, which is awesome! We are very thankful for all the feedback. But many players result in many problems. As you may know, we are doing this project completely in our spare time besides our daily lives (jobs, education, university etc.). Due to our limited time we only have limited possibilities to support and to solve problems. We have to rely heavily on you, the community, to help out each other. If you know how to solve a problem of another player, please help out! The team also tries to help and solve problems, but we mainly check the bug tracker.


There are some known problems and tipps:

  • Enderal saves are stored in ...\documents\mygames\enderal\saves\.
  • Do not load Enderal saves into Skyrim or the other way round. They may get corrupted.
  • Do not load saves created in the "old" non-Steam Enderal installation into the Steam version of Enderal. This will result in inevitable bugs. No support will be given in this case.
  • If the game crashes during the first loadingscreen and displays an error "Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID: ...", you need to close the game and the launcher and remove the Enderal.ini and EnderalPrefs.ini in ...\documents\my games\enderal\ and restart Enderal afterwards.
  • "Random crashes" (while changing locations etc.) can happen occasionally and we can't really do anything about it. We've optimized the worst areas and will continue to do so. So there is no need to report them.
  • If the game crashes are reproducible under certain circumstances we will try our best to fix it. A ticket at the bug tracker would be useful. Thanks!
  • If an ingame video stutters, turn off (or on) OneTweak in the Enderal Launcher. Usually this gets rid of the issue. No need to report it.
  • Enderal uses the Engine to its limits, FPS Drops may happen in certain regions.
  • If you encounter a quest bug (or something similar), do not try out console commands on your own. [[#Bugtracker|Let us take a look at your save first], before messing up the save by mistake.

General information regarding mod usage

We can't support mods for Enderal officially. Most Skyrim mods cause problems when loaded alongside Enderal, because they aren't adjusted and optimized for it (Enderal uses it's own modified masterfiles, scripts and assets). However Enderal has its own category on Nexusmods.com. Check it out, if you want to mod Enderal. Please be careful: Some mods might not be updated for the newest version of Enderal and cause bugs.


The uninstallation is simple: Rightclick on Enderal in your Steam library and choose the uninstall option from the context menu.


Enderal was officially released first in German and later in English during Q3 2016. At the moment, several external teams working on localizations for the following languages: Korean, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. If you are interested in helping out these teams, some translators can be contacted on our Discord server. All teams are also listed on our Localization page. Are you interested creating a localization in your language? Get in contact with us.

SureAI Wiki

As you might know, we have a wiki - in german and english, which is the online encyclopedia for our games. Thanks to some announcements, we could arouse interest to help us out. The Wiki is still far from complete - and we always need some contributors! Shoot a us a message either here in the forums or on our Discordserver if you are interested! Or simply use your SureAI account to log into our Wiki and just start editing!