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Official Site

Please start with the official website, it has a very nice walk though on the installation process.

Video Tutorials

There are also some video tutorials available :

  • Do not cancel the installation! It could take some minutes, especially in the beginning. The launcher is removing the write protecion of steam und extracting huge files.
  • If you want further information about the patch notes visit this summary in the wiki or the news forum on our website.

Clean Install

This is the recommendation for doing a clean install if you are having issues.

1) Backup your Skyrim folder, typically they are either in one of these locations:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim
  • C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\

2) In Steam goto Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Right click and select 'Delete local content'

Move or delete your skyrim directory if it still exists.

3) Download Skryim from Steam

4) Start Skyrim once and exist (so it autodetects settings)

5) Do a normal Enderal install Enderal:Technical_information#Installation

6) Update Enderal with Enderal Launch

7) Launch and start a 'new' game (don't continue)


Please see Enderal:LauncherDebugging

If you are still having issues after consulting the above, you can also check out the section on Performance Tweaks section or if you require assistance see Getting Help section.

System Requirements

Minimum requirement:

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E7400 RAM: 3.5 GB (32x OS) or 4GB (64x OS)
Graphics card: GeForce 9800 GTX 1GB or GeForceGTS 250
Free Hard Disk Space: 13GB
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim installed correctly (DLCs are not needed)
Recommended system:

CPU: Intel Core i7-920
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 560Ti or GeForce GTX 660Ti (with AA)
Free hard disk space: 13GB
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim installed correctly (DLCs are not needed)

Bug Reporting

Offical Bug Tracker

Tips for submitting bug report:

  • Make sure it's an Enderal specific bug and not generic bug with Skyrim.
  • Upload game save when applicable (important for quest bugs) or screenshots if structure related.
  • Provide enough details to help developers easily reproduce issue (including precise steps to reproduce conditions).
  • Include cell and item ids when applicable or any other information you think would be helpful.

Getting Help

If you have issues with Enderal and due to a bug, please see above.

These online communities may also be able to assist you:

Patches and Updates

You should be able to update your version to latest by clicking 'Update' in Enderal Launcher.

Patches and update notes are keep on the on patches page

Performance Tweaks


In the launcher, there is a 'Settings' section. It's recommended to try reducing settings as first method of resolving performance issues. Most notable, these typically have the greatest gains in increase performance:

  • Common:
    • Antialiasing : lower to 2x or none
    • Anisotropic Filters: lower to 2x or none
  • Details:
    • Shadow Details : Try 'Medium' or 'Low' quality.
  • Visibility:
    • Grass draw distance: Lower (or even put at 0).

Skyrim Guides

There are various Skyrim guides to increase performance. Most should work with Enderal, but are not officially supported by SureAI team.

Unsupported Tweaks

These settings are not official supported by SureAI. They have been reported on reddit forums as potential fixes for crashes and performance issues. They should be used as a LAST RESORT and at your own risk.


Warning: This should only be used if you have a very high end system

Try installing the SKSE Preloader and then in the SKSE Crash Fix Plugin INI: `CrashFixPlugin.ini` change UseOSAllocators from 0 to 1


Warning: This should only be used if you have a very high end system

Turn on Multithreading in Settings (in Enderal Launcher) if you have a good CPU (i5 or i7).

Optimized Textures

WARNING: This is a 3rd party mod and not offically supported by SureAI

Try installing the Optimized Textures mod