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Tharaêl Narys
(Ref ID: 13EB48)
Race Half-Aeterna Gender Male
Path Job Voice of the Father
Essential Yes Form ID 13EALCA
Location Various
Level 40 Health
Magicka Stamina
“We will rebuild it!”
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Many things are horrible. Still, they happen.

— TharaêlBlood and Dust

Tharaêl Narys is a member of the Rhalâta, and the protagonist of the Rhalâta quest line. The Prophet is introduced to Tharaêl during the quest Blood and Dust.



Tharaêl lived on the streets with his friend Letho, until there were two available beds at the Orphanage. The Orphanage, known as Refuge, was run by Sha’Gun until she died from a fleshmaggot infestation. When Tharaêl was six, he and Letho, along with at least a dozen other orphans, were sold to The Father to be subjects of his experiments.

At sometime between the ages of twelve and fourteen, after The Father thought the experiment had failed, Tharaêl was dumped into a pile of dead bodies.Tharaêl tells the Prophet that this is his only memory after he was taken from the orphanage. He attempted to get guards in Ark to do something about this, but since the Rhalâta control the Undercity, they ignored his plea.

Years later, after teaching himself how to fight and survive, he entered the as a fighter in the Dust Pit. One of the Voices of The Father, noticed how well he could fight and offered Tharaêl the chance to join the Rhalâta as a Scion. Over the next eight years he made his way through their ranks until he became a Voice himself. Sometime later he saw the Prophet fight in the Pit, and offered them the chance to become a mercenary in his plot of revenge against The Father.



  • spoilers*

Tharaêl displays symptoms that are similar to those of persons suffering from dissociative identity disorder or DID (formerly known as multiple personality disorder). In the quest "Old Wounds" when the player brings him the book, tharael acts like a traumatized child, sharing memories revolving trauma whilst trying to play. He then feels dizzy and wants to go to sleep, hinting at dissociation, the core symptom of DID. When Tharaêl awakes, he reassumes his 'normal' personality and doesn't recall the things 'child tharaêl' did and said, hinting at another DID symptom: Dissociative fugue, a form of selective amnesia. Having a child identity along with other identities, ignorant of the trauma is typical for people with dissociative identity disorder. It is possible that the fathers experiments caused tharaêls personality to split into at least two identities: The child who preserves his innocence but recalls the trauma and the sociopathic antihero who does what he has to to survive and forgets a lot of traumatizing details.