Enderal:The Path, Tome 11: The Treason

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NPC: Dead Prison Escapee in Deep Grave, Supply Shaft

The Treason
And this was also reported to the first Truchessa of the order by Malphas: “Know, Selna, that there will be those who stray completely off their given path and lead a life of malice and infidelity. They shall be judged by the path-abiding ones with the sword or live their pitiful lives as lost, like the 24 pathless ones on their ship, until they shall be redeemed from their deserved torments by the blade.”
“Listen, Selna: There is one among you right now who has given his path up completely and has forfeited my divine clemency. It is your duty to find and prosecute him. This will lead to sorrow and will require a death toll, yet even this is a part of the trials I will impose upon you and whose accomplishment will strengthen and fortify your society of path-abiding ones.”
At that time Selna heard a racket and screams from the city beneath the temple. Weapons clashed and voices drew near. The Truchessa summoned the Keepers of the Order and declared to them that their first true ordeal was imminent. “Pathless ones cause harm and death to those who were left under our protection. Let us step in front of the temple's gates and confront them. We must not tarry, so that the traitors may not do any more mischief.”
That is when the pathless ones, who left a trail of blood behind them, came upwards to the temple. Kilra, one of the doubters from the time of the temple's construction and head of the greatest farm in front of the city, rallied twenty followers to overpower the unsuspecting people of the order and to seize power with swords and bows. The attack was quick and merciless, and the Keepers of the Order had little to set against the brutality of the pathless ones, despite their magnificent armor and the premonition of the Truchessa.
Most of the order's warriors fell in the first moments of the assault, and the temple would have become a cradle for pathlessness , if not for the remaining citizens and countrymen who united to strike into the back of Kilra's band. With dreadful casualties the path-abiding vassals managed to defeat the renegades on the steps of the temple.
Only Kilra himself survived and for his treason, he was sentenced to death by the Truchessa. On the same evening the city's inhabitants gathered on the forecourt of the Sun Temple to witness the execution of the traitor. Repenting of his deeds, he faced his righteous punishment without hesitation and proclaimed some remaining insight with a firm voice: “Our sins, small and great, will not evade the watchful eyes of our lord. And his retribution will follow as certain as the next sunrise.” The Truchessa herself resided wounded in her rooms, cared for by the healers of the order. Her labor started prematurely, having been induced by the gruesome events of the day. At exactly this moment, as the sword swung towards the neck of the traitor Kilra under the window of her chambers, she gave birth to her son. From this day on, the sixth moon of a year would be known as “Kilra's Treason.”