Enderal:The Path, Tome 3: The Gods

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The Gods
The gods are seven in number.
There is Tyr, the father of the gods, the highest of the Light-Born. He has not been allotted any land, for he rules over Inodan, the land of the gods at the edge of the world.
There is Irlanda, the goddess of judgment. She has been allotted the steppe-land of Arazeal, sectioned into merciless stone deserts and fertile coastal regions. Irlanda is merciful, yet severe, for she judges over those who in their foolishness do not appreciate the rule of the gods.
There is Saldrin, the god of knowledge and progress. He has been allotted Qyra, the land of the everlasting desert, watered only by two great, golden rivers. Saldrin blesses the thinkers and philosophers, for he knows that a human is able to achieve greatness with the right assistance.
There is Morala, the goddess of language and commerce. She brought Inal, the holy language, to the civilized world, and is the reason why every soul is able to understand one another on Vyn today. She has been allotted the islands of Kilé with its rich, green groves and roaring waterfalls.
There is Esara, the goddess of memories. She has not been allotted any land either, for she tends to the halls of knowledge on Inodan, the divine land at the rim of the world. She is the mistress of the council of the gods.
There is Erodan, god of wisdom and old rites. He has been allotted Nehrim, the largest of all continents, with its dry steppes, green forests, and wintry mountains. He reigns with foresight, and he is tasked with tending the ways of the gods.
There is Malphas, the guardian of the gods. He has been allotted Enderal, the secluded but rich land in the northeastern part of the world. He established the order of the Seraphim, the guardians. They are the ones who grant us safety and subjugate those who live a sinful life to Irlanda's sentence. His is the land in which we live.