Enderal:The Path, Tome 4: The Departure

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  • Ark - Gatehouse
The Departure
Secluded and perilous, an untamed land, that is how Enderal was before the revelation of the Light-Born. Wild creatures roamed freely, and rich forests reached from east to west and from south up to north's wintry mountains.
And it came to pass that Malphas descended and appeared to a woman and a man. The woman's name was Selna, the man's was Ketaron. Both were low-born and had to endure great anguish during the wars of their country. They lived in a decrepit hut amidst a city that was scarred by devastation. However, they were pious and of goodwill. Replete with awe they fell to their knees as the Light-Born appeared before them, since both were witnesses of the revelation of the Light-Born and acknowledged him as one of the seven true gods.
And Malphas spoke: “Arise, my children! And rejoice, for you are about to be accorded a great honor. From this day forward you shall serve me solely. Your punishment will be severe, should you fail me — however, if you serve me sincerely, you shall experience eternity in my name!”
It was Selna, who answered first. “Oh lord, we submit, for we recognize your divinity! Yet how can you bestow eternity upon us? We are humans, and not even the blood of Asâtoron's sons, the Aeterna, courses through our veins! In twenty years I will wither — in forty years only bones will remain! That is the way of the world and not even Asâtoron was able to change that!” Malphas approached the woman. His voice was hard as stone, but still full of wisdom and empathy. “That is how it was under his subjugation — that is how it was in the profane years which you have lived through. But we, oh children, we are true gods. See and bear witness to my endless power!”
And the figure of light, which was Malphas, turned around and raised his hands heavenward — and thousands of lightning bolts shot downwards. They shattered Selna's and Ketaron's miserable hut with a loud crack and destroyed the wretched city surrounding them. Yes, even those who harbored doubt despite the Light-Born's revelation and whose souls were tainted were smashed. The odor of smoke and ashes filled the air.
No harm befell Selna and Ketaron, nor the two-hundred men and women who had gathered around the Light-Born who were full of anguish and veneration. Malphas lowered his arms and spoke with his head held high.
“We are gods and rulers over the elements, time, and life itself! And as surely as I am standing here, I proclaim: Those who follow me and honor my teachings, wander upon my path. And should you tread properly to its end, I shall grant you entry to the eternal paths, where you will experience eternal bliss, peace, and exhilaration!”
Both Selna and Ketaron, as well as the two-hundred destitute souls who were gathered around them, lowered their heads and understood. And so they became the first vassals.
They all packed their belongings and followed Malphas to the coast, where two plain but solid ships awaited them. And Malphas spoke once again: “You shall be the offspring of my eternal kingdom. Board the ships and sail to the north, until you spot the red star. It will guide you to the holy land, which unites winter, summer, and autumn. There you shall build the foundation for all the thousands who will follow you.” And thus he vanished. This time became known as the month of “Departure.”
The first vassals pursued Malphas' call and set sail, unaware of their divine task. They did not know where their route would lead them, but they had faith.