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This page lists all known events in chronological order. Major events are marked in bold.

Before the Starfall

???? b. St. — The Universe is created from the Sea of Eventualities.

???? b. St. — Numerous civilizations rise and fall, following The Cycle.

???? b. St. — An unknown man performs Apotheosis on his on creation, The Goliath. He would later be known as The Black Guardian.

???? b. St. — The Starlings rise and discover the nature of The Cycle. To shield themselves, they build the Star City and flee to it.

???? b. St. — The Pyreans rise and fall.

???? b. St. — Asâtoron comes into existence. His origin is unknown.

???? b. St. — Asâtoron creates the Aeterna and the Ashmen.

0 a. St. — An unknown number of Starlings break the rules of the Star City and are exiled to the lower world. The capsule they were riding shatters Pangora and causes Asâtoron to disappear. This event would later be known as the Starfall.

After the Starfall

???? a. St. — An unknown event causes the Starlings on the Star City to disappear.

40?? a. St. — The Light-Born attain immortality and start to rule Vyn.

???? a. St. — The First Vassals begin their journey to Enderal.

???? a. St. — The 24 Pathless Ones left the journey to Enderal, creating the Lost Ones.

???? a. St. — Ketaron is slain by The Kraken.

???? a. St. — The remaining members of The First Vassals arrive in the yet-untamed Enderal

???? a. St. — The Sun Temple is built.

???? a. St. — The Holy Order is formed.

???? a. St. — The Paths are instituted by Malphas.

???? a. St. — Kilra and his traitors are executed. Dagis, the first Grandmaster, is born.

4523 a. St. — A war in Myar-Aranath causes most Aeterna leave the area.

6732 a. St. — The Brotherhood of the Kor move from Duneville to the Kor's Island.

8192 a. St. — The Red Halfmoon is formed in Qyra.

8200 a. St. — The Night of a Thousand Fires incident occurs, where a young Tealor Arantheal is lured into slaughtering a village.

8200 a. St. — Yuslan Sha'Rim, a victim of the Night of a Thousand Fires, is raised as an emissary and seeks out Narathzul Arantehal in order to get close to his father.

8202 a. St. — The Red Halfmoon dissolves due to internal conflicts.

8202 a. St. — A war causes Arktwend to be abandoned.

8202 a. St. — Chancellor Barateon starts ruling Nehrim's Middlerealm.

82?? a. St. — The Light-Born are killed by an unknown traveler, in the rebellion started by Narathzul Arantheal.

82?? a. St. — Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal is taken prisoner by the rebellion that killed the Light-Born.

8225 a. St. — Nehrim's Northrealm divides itself from the Middlerealm through a rebellion.

8227 a. St. — Rynéus Dal'Geyss is born.

82?? a. St. — Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal dies while fleeing his prison and is raised as The Emperor.

82?? a. St. — Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal returns to Enderal to lead The Holy Order against The High Ones.

8234 a. St. — Magister Yero Sunwind succumbs to the Red Madness.

8234 a. St. — A stowaway is drowned and raised as The Prophet.