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Trails of the Past
Quest Giver: Accountant Tiwan
Location(s): Ark's Foreign District or Marketplace, Old Dolesch
Rewards: Shareholder Certificate: Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends Incorporated
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.png Very Hard
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  • Find a Pyrean artifact in Old Dolesch Quest-Difficulty-2.png
  • Find a Pyrean artifact in Old Askamahn Quest-Difficulty-4.png
  • Find a Pyrean artifact in Old Miskahmur Quest-Difficulty-4.png

Journal Entries

I meet a man called Tiwon in the "Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends, Incorporated', a starling guild in Ark. After some back and forth we started a conversation and he offered me some work: The guild is currently working on an important task to reconstruct old Pyrean artifacts. If I can get him the originals of these artifacts he will reward me generously.



Find Accountant Tiwon

Accountant Tiwon in Ark

In order to trigger the quest in the journal you need to locate Accountant Tiwon and inquire about some tasks. The accountant will most likely be in his guildhouse Screws, Hats, Odds and Ends or wandering the streets of Ark in Foreign Quarters or Marketplace. He is quite a unique and noticeable person, so it should not be too diffcult to spot him in the crowd. When asked, Tiwon will explain his need to collect a few artifacts as he has resolved to replicate Pyrean artifacts.

Old Dolesch

The Urn in Old Dolesch

Find the Ruins

One of the ancient artifacts, the Urn, is located in an unmarked dungeon Old Dolesch. The fastest way seems by taking advantage of the nearest Myrad Tower and requesting a flight to Myrad Tower in the Northern Heartlands. When you have finally arrived at the Tower, follow the path northwards towards the quest marker.It is enough to follow the quest marker to finally reach the destination, and the quest marker will invariably lead to a huge complex of godforsaken ruins, presently heavily guarded by a host of undead warriors. There, among the ruins, you will notice a door leading inside the ruins. It will be guarded by 3 undeads.

Recover the Artifact

Once you have made it to the insides of Old Dolesch, locating the Urn is absolutely straightforward, as it is stays in a perfectly visible place, on the only table in the whole dungeon, as shown in the photo. It is of no importance whichever entrance to the dungeon you take, as both lead to the same place. Dispatch the enemies that will seek to hinder you from recovering the Urn, and take the Urn. As soon as the Urn is in your inventory, the quest log will update with information that one of the artifacts has been successfully reclaimed.

Rewards: +950EP

Choice Reward
Circlet of Magic Regeneration (17 armor, Increases your Mana by 12 points)
Shield of Health (24 armor, Increases your health by 14 points)
Pennies Endralean penny coin(s) (230)

Old Askamahn

Find the Ruins

The second artifact is located in Old Askamahn, a ruin in the Powder Desert. The fastest way to get there is to take the Myrad to Duneville and to travel on the path heading north. Following the quest marker makes it easy to find the entrance to the ruin. There are two lions in front of the doors.

Recover the Artifact

Inside of Old Askamahn is one room which is guarded by two Boneripper. A path leads down to a second room with a statue and two Lost Ones. There is a locked chest in front of the statue. The way continues downwards and you will arrive at a locked gate which can be picked. It leads to a cave guarded by another Boneripper with an unlocked chest and a door to the Throne Room of the dungeon.

The Throne Room is where you find the artifact, but the room is guarded by Enma Darkhand. After the fight, you can pick up the Pyrean Gear from a stone table in front of the throne. The quest log will update after picking up the artifact, and you can bring it to Accountant Tiwon. Be careful if you want to open the chest which is located on the throne, as there is a fire trap right in front of it.

If you decide to go left instead of opening the locked gate, you will encounter an Ancestral Spirit, a Conjured Guardian and Awoken Lost Ones. More enemies are waiting in a large hall at the end of a corridor. On the opposite side of the hall, there are two spellbooks, a piece of armor and a potion lying next to a skeleton. Another path leads to a small room with a massive chest. It is locked, but can be opened with the key found in the throne room.



Choice Reward
Halberd of the Kilean Elder Guard (2H Axe, 43 Dam, Enchanted - 'Undead up to level 25 flee for 30 sec')
Irlanda's Grace (Staff, 0 Dam, Enchanted - 'Target gets paralysed for 10 seconds')
Longbow of the Kilean Elder Guard (Bow, 56 Dam, Enchanted - 'Absorbs 11 points of Stamina')
Morala's Edge (1H Sword, 27 Dam, Enchanted - 'Absorbs 6 points of Health')

Old Miskahmur



Choice Reward
Cuirass of Thievery (32 armor, Sneak is 17% better)
Staff of Chain Lightning (Staff, 32 Shock Dam to Health and half as much to Mana, then leaps to a new target)
Pennies Endralean penny coin(s) (500)