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Veiled Woman
(Ref ID: Various)
Race Various Gender Female
Path N/A Job N/A
Essential Yes Form ID Various
Location Various
EN-NPC-The Veiled Woman.png
Level 10 Health 250
Magicka 250 Stamina 250

Poor, lost souls. The probabilities have turned against you

— Veiled WomanA New Life

The Veiled Woman is a mysterious character that appears on key points during Enderal's story.

The veiled Woman is a key character in the story of Enderal who appears at several occasions, most notably in the beginning and the end of the game.

Although her exact nature is unknown, she appears to be both a manifestation and a manipulator of Eventualities; she often speaks about various alternate outcomes to a situation, and insists that "the first beat of a wing must happen". She has some ability to see other branches of reality, but seems to have a limited influence over them. For this reason, she takes actions which cause certain eventualities to occur.


The degree to which the Veiled Woman controls the entirety of events within Enderal is an open question. It may be that she is an entity in confrontation with the High Ones, or she may manipulate the High Ones herself like "pawns in the game." Her stance against the High Ones is supported by the Veiled Woman's interference in the fates of various people (such as Calia and Jespar) so that they can likewise fight against the High Ones. Support for the Veiled Woman's role as the architect of conflict would be a strong interpretation of the book Kadath, which would be that the Veiled Woman is the benevolent progenitor goddess responsible for the fall of humanity and the human condition of suffering.

Another open question is her relationship to the Prophet. The Veiled Woman admits to interfering with the main character's fate so they can become the Prophet. Likewise the Black Guardian asserts that the High Ones create the Emissaries. However, it is the voice of the Veiled Woman who beckons the Prophet to "Breathe" upon their revival. Even if the High Ones created the Prophet Emissary, it is unclear how and why the Veiled Woman helped the main character fill that role.

Our Mark on this World

The quest Enderal:Our Mark on this World explores the Veiled Woman's background. The cult discovered in the quest worships the Veiled Woman and offered themselves as a sacrifice to her. The exact effect of the sacrifice are unclear, but the cult members assert that the effect is none-the-less "real."

The book Kadath, found in Castle Bleakstar, tells a creation myth which is implied to relate to the Veiled Woman.

Connections to Nehrim

It is a possibility that the aftermath of Nehrim, killing the messenger of fate (Sarantha) and destroying the book of predestination led to either you or the Veiled Woman having their own will thus leading to the Cycle taking an unexpected turn.

Technical Data

There are actually three versions of the Veiled Woman in Enderal's data, only two of which are used:

Form ID Race Usage RefID(s) Editor Name
000EAD9F Kiléan Angel 000EADF5 _00E_MQ11a_SC25_VeiledWoman
00117FE1 Qyranian (Not Used) - _00E_MQ11b_VeiledWoman
0007B8D8 Endralean A New Life 0007BB5D _50E_VeiledWoman
All the Dead Souls 00117FE2


The Veiled Woman woman appears and disappears mysteriously, as though out of nowhere. Her tone is calm and monotone, and she speaks about past and future events in a cryptic and ambiguous way. She has a basically kind demeanor, and she has a habit of rephrasing what her conversation partner says.

Her psychological nature is contested by characters in-game. The Black Guardian describes the Veiled Woman as someone without feelings or a mind of her own, like a force of nature. However, the Veiled Woman often expresses emotion and desire during her conversations with the Prophet. For example, she expresses regret for having to hurt you; discomfort with people seeing her as a force of destruction; and the wish to change your view of her (from seeing her as malevolent to benevolent).

The Veiled Woman appears a handful of times to the Prophet. She also appears to various other characters, including:

  • Sirius
  • Jael Tannerson
  • Hallys Summerstone
  • Samuel Dal'Galar
  • Tara
  • The Seven

The Veiled Woman could be considered a guardian angel of sorts, except she does not protect The Prophet out of love or admiration, but rather necessity so that the specific eventuality the game takes place in can be carried out.


Pickpocketed Items

The Veiled Woman can't be pickpocketed.