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Woman in the Water

The Woman in the Water is a mysterious woman who lives in a coffin full of water, hanging from the ceilling of Manor's Sanctum. When The Prophet tried to talk with her, she would regard them as her companion, Gajus, mistakenly. The reason of her existence in Manor is unclear, as is her reason for living in water.


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  1. (You feel a peculiar tickling in your stomach as you look at the figure floating in the sarcophagus. It seems...conscious. Alive.)
  2. ...Hello?
    • "Hmmm? Gajus. Why did you wake me...? Are we there yet?"
  3. Two options:
    • Gajus? I'm not Gajus.
      • "Oh, darling... Never too old for a jest, are you?"
    • No... I just wanted to see how you were.
      • "You did? That's kind of you. But don't worry so much about me, darling... I'll manage somehow."
  4. "I... I'm sorry you have to go through all this, really. All this time... I can hardly imagine how hard that must be for you."
  5. "But I still belive in our dreams... I still do..."


  • The Prophet can only talk to her once, and her dialogues cannot be skipped.
  • THere is another watery tomb in Old Sherath and a woman inside the tomb.