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In Discussion Pages, you should sign all your contributions so others can identify a comment's author directly. On the other hand, signatures should never be used in normal articles. In normal articles, the Version History should be used to check who made what change.

Using a Signature

You add a signature after two hyphens with preferably four tildes ( ~ ). After saving they will be converted to a link to your user page, or to your IP address, if you are not logged in. Here are a list of all available signatures:

!Source Converted to Displayed as
-- ~~~ [[User:Username|Username]] Username
-- ~~~~ [[User:Username|Username]] 01:49, 20. Jun 2024 Username 01:49, 20. Jun 2024
-- ~~~~~ 01:49, 20. Jun 2024 01:49, 20. Jun 2024

The two hyphens are taken from the Usenet, where two hyphens and a space characterize the beginning of a four-line signature. They are not mandatory.

If you have activated the editing toolbar in the settings, you can insert the four tildes with the signature icon at the top of the input field.


A nickname for the signature can be defined in the settings. To do so, enter your desired Nickname in the "Signature" field. The link will display your nickname (in the source, [[User:Username|Nickname]]).