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What passive users should know about spoilers in the SureAI Wiki

Passive users of the SureAI wiki, that is, those who only want to read articles and get information, but do not write and edit articles, should know that there are spoilers on every corner! The SureAI Wiki wants to provide comprehensive information about games like Enderal, Nehrim, or Arktwend, and be a helpful encyclopedia for all players who want to learn about these games.

While major spoilers are often marked appropriately with the spoiler tag, it is nigh impossible to write a proper article without some minor spoilers, and if every page is marked as a spoiler, then the spoiler tag loses its meaning. As such, information revealed through side quests or minor details revealed on the main quest are often laid out without any spoiler warning. Quest pages, in particular, do not offer any spoiler warning, and any information learned in that quest or in quests required for it is considered a given.

Players who are not yet familiar with a particular game or who are in the middle of the game should be careful when reading articles if they do not want to lose the fun of discovering the secrets and surprises of the game worlds. In general, you should back away whenever you encounter a Spoiler tag, even if you think you've already seen everything about that topic: Plot twists are not uncommon!

What active users should know about spoilers in the SureAI Wiki

Active users are those who put content into the SureAI Wiki, those who write, supplement, and improve articles. Usually active users are those who have already played and finished at least one game. Of course, you can also edit articles if you are still in the middle of the game, but then the same warnings as the one above for the passive users apply: Keep away from articles that cover the other, not yet known games!

As mentioned above, you should mark pages or sections that reveal major plot points in a game with the spoiler tag template. However, you should not abuse the spoiler tag, lest it lose its intended warning effect. Information revealed in side quests, or minor details revealed on the main quests do not need to be preceded by a spoiler tag. If you learn a character's birthplace at the last main quest of the game, and the birthplace has nothing to do with the game's plot, then you don't need to mark it as a spoiler just because of when it was revealed. Avoid using formulations such as "possibly...", "it is possible that..." or "there are rumors that ..." to "dodge" the need for a spoiler tag.