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The Belt of Kilé, or simply Kilé, is a chain of 77 tropical islands located west of the Skaragg Islands, in the clean part of the Past Sea.[1]

The islands of Kilé are considered dangerous because of their exotic fauna but are also rich in mineral resources and spices.[1]

The capital of Kilé is Uunil-Yâar, located on the largest of the islands, the so-called Blue Island.[1]

Physiology and Culture

Kiléans have bronze skin, dark hair, and average height. Typical facial features are a narrow nose, prominent cheekbones, and a high forehead. Rich Kiléans wear colorful silk garments; workers and fishermen wear colored headscarves, as well as linen shirts and trousers.

The islands of Kilé were under the rule of the Light-Born Morala.[1] Under her rule they developed into a united nation, dominating the global trade in luxury goods such as precious stones, cloths and spices.

Kilé is best known for the Blue Islands Coalition, a trade guild whose highest envoy is considered to be Vyn's richest man.

The Kiléans are considered to be both astute and cunning, but also greedy and unprofessional. The pursuit of wealth is the highest goal within their society, and apart from advanced weapons technology, there are few cultural achievements.

Kiléans live in monogamous family units. The nation is governed by the "Council of Elders," which was directly under Morala. The Council of Elders consists of the richest and most influential Kiléans.

On Kilé, slavery is legal.

The Endraleans' View of the Kiléans

Although the Endraleans admire the Kiléans for their trading skills, they perceive their lifestyle as devoid of meaning. They are often regarded by those less sympathetic to them as the epitome of unbridled greed and arrogance. Nevertheless, Enderal has active trading relations with the islands of Kilé, especially with the Blue Islands Coalition, which is why Kiléan sailors and merchants are often to be found in the harbors of Ark.

Role in Recent Events

The death of the Light-Born caused intense discord among the Council of Elders. Some wanted to withhold the truth from the people, others not. The dispute quickly turned into a battle for supremacy in Kilé, and several political assassinations took place. A civil war broke out. Six months later, the Skaraggs attacked the capital, forcing the Kiléans to reunite and push them back. Since then, the two sides have been locked in a stalemate.

Naming Conventions

Kiléan names are very soft and melodic. They often have double vowels and hardly any consonants.

Notable Kiléans

Oolan: Head of the Blue Islands Coalition
Dijaam Onêlys: Envoy of the Blue Islands Coalition in Ark
Raaijlas Davuul: Founder of the Blue Islands Coalition
Uajaan Vuul: Simple trader on the marketplace of Ark


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