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Set/Name Place Quest-related? Enchantments Notes
Northern Kings' Gauntlets
  • Fortress of Pandorn (Dead Pass)
  • Fortify Strength 3 Pts
  • Fortify Mercantile 2 Pts
  • Fortify Block 3 Pts
Part of the Northern Kings' Regalia set.
Ghost Forge
  • near Gods Forge. Outside
  • Fortify Life Energy 28 Pts
  • Fortify Restoration 7 Pts
Found wandering up around Gods Forge lying in the snow protected by Trolls. Item weighs 0.
Randagulf's Fists Yes
  • Feather 50 Pts on Self
Loot Goddess Morala's body after her death during the main quest The Sins of our Fathers.
Gauntlets of the Fallen Shadow God
  • Inodan, Heart of the World
  • Fortify Block 5 Pts on Self
  • Fortify Crafting 4 Pts on Self
  • Fortify Life Energy 30 Pts on Self
  • Fortify Strength 2 Pts on Self
  • Fortify Speed 2 Pts on Se
During the main quest Hope at the End of the World.