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Template:Infobox People "Malphas is the lord of the Halls of Guardians. The Halls of Guardians are on the faraway little group of islands called Myar. The Guardians are the right hand and the inquisition of the Gods. Their mission is to find destructive prophecies and to destroy them in order to choke off appearances of misled prophets." (from The Gods)

Malphas is fourth of the Light-Born that you are to kill in order to help Narathzul Arantheal in becoming the Shadow God. He believes that Narathzul is wrong about his ambition to create a better world. According to Malphas, all world reformers are always the same: in the end: they wade in the blood of those who they wanted to liberate. Nothing is perfect.

Dueling Malphas

Together with him, 9 Energy Wells will appear. They have healing powers, so you will not be able to kill Malphas unless all the energy wells are deactivated. In order to kill him, you need to remove an Energy Stones from each of the wells (you should have 9 energy stones in your inventory in total). The easiest way to remove the stones seems to walk as close as possible to the wells (as if almost stepping on them) and look into the well using spacebar all the time, until you finally open it and a stone to remove will appear. Do so with the other wells. The deactivated wells will change their appearance and as soon as you have removed all the stones, God Malphas will stop regenerating his hitpoints and will finally die.

Type of Attack

  • Ranged


  • N/A


  • N/A



The Sins of our Fathers

Items Dropped

Pickpocketed Items

Impossible to pickpocket.


  • One of Malphas' statues is in Giliad's Chapel.
  • Prior to his death, Malphas was god of Mervyn, the continent that housed the Paladin Order.
  • Malphas is still worshipped in the SureAI's sequel to Nehrim, Enderal.