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Headless Verick

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Lvl Type File:Health.jpg File:Damage.jpg File:Magic.jpg EP Respawn Soul Drops
22 Undead 210 46 80 220 No Petty Dead Flesh
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee see description see description
Editor ID 22UNIKopfloserVerick - 00219FC6


Verick was a human who was transformed in a Zombie due to the plague that has devastated Arktwend. Zombified William is his brother. Like all zombies has the ability Undead Flesh Resistances:

  • Resist Disease 100 %
  • Resist Frost 20 %
  • Resist Magic 30 %
  • Resist Poison 100 %
  • Weakness to Fire 60%


Refugees' Boat from Arktwend


The two brothers Verick and William are characters from the previous SureAI project "Arktwend". You can read their story in Message from Tommy The Dwarf .