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Experience Points

Leveling in Nehrim is different than in vanilla Oblivion. In order to gain a level, the player's character must get enough Experience Points (EP).

Gaining Experience

Experience points can be gained in many different ways:

  • Completing quests
  • Killing enemies
  • Through Crafting
  • Finding hidden Nehrim symbols
  • Finding locations on the Nehrim map
  • Lockpicking
  • Other minor actions, eg. opening a bank account

Levelling Up

Once you've gained a new level, a red triangle will show up. Then you must access your inventory and click your diary to spend extra points to 3 of your character's attributes. The amount of points you can spend depends on the number of skill increases you've gained between levels.

Learning Points

Gaining Learning Points

With each level you also gain some Learning Points. You can check the exact number of your Learning Points in your diary.

You can gain Learning Points not only by levelling up, but also by reading Textbooks.

Spending Learning Points

You can spend these points:

Skill Increases


  • There appears to be a bug that for some players the game freezes up for some time when they level up. Try waiting a few seconds before pressing OK. The bug will be fixed in the next English patch.
  • Your level up diary and first level should appear after killing the Black Troll . If it doesn't appear, you can try triggering it manually by using a console command: Set StartGlobal to 1