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Porim is one of the miners working under Nehrim:Merre's command, located in the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine . Porim seems a friendly miner of a cheerful disposition. When you finally leave the dark chambers and hallways of the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine during the first quest, Porim will be the first person to vigorously race to your side and enthusiastically greet you at the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine Site with a sincere offer of some invaluable advice, as he is one among the trapped miners. Porim is also the most talkative of the miners, as -if asked- he will eagerly talk about the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine or point where the soap is stored. He is also the one who transports you by boat the first time you visit Nehrim:Tirin Abbey.



Nehrim:Journey to the Abbey

Pickpocketed Items


  • Porim is the first character who introduces you to some political issues in Nehrim. He mentions that the war is brewing in Nehrim and he, himself, is afraid of being conscripted to the army.