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Basic statistics
Shadow World At Fate's Edge
Level 1000 1000
Health 3095 3900
Magicka 300 300
Race Aeterna1 Aeterna1
Class Mage Mage
Gender Female Female
Essential Yes No
EditorID Sarantha02



The first time when approaching her, she is a mysterious woman in the Nehrim:Shadow World. She provides you with much information about the structure of the world and she urges you not to ask why she has told you all this as it is incomprehensible for mortals.

Later during the main quest Nehrim:At Fate's Edge at one point Sarantha will appear next to you and explain the nature of your true enemy, which were not the Light-Born but it was she, Sarantha, Fate. She adds that your friends' deaths were not a coincidence as they deserved it, daring to raise their fists against their destiny. She, Sarantha is the one who controls everything, not only the mortals but Nehrim:the Light-Born as well. You could have defeated the gods and gone back to your castle satisfied, but it would be only an illusion as she, fate, has always been your greatest enemy. And if you do even try to resist her, she will punish everyone.

Sarantha wears an unplayable Magic Winds Robe (nothing to do with the Magic Wind set) and holds a two handed sword Grave Touch.


Defeating Sarantha

Tackling Sarantha and her Double

During the main quest Sarantha will become hostile and attack you. You will hear Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal's voice saying that the book of predestination has been destroyed; that is why it is actually possible to defeat Sarantha as now all of you are mere mortals. You have Nehrim:Arkt who came to your aid, but Sarantha is a mighty boss, she has her double so sometimes you will have two powerful enemies to deal with.

Tackling your Doppelanger

After some time you will be teleported to a different place where you will get attacked by a person looking exactly like you. It is enough to hit your doppelganger once and you should be transported back to the battle ground with Sarantha.

Avoiding Deadly Spiky Traps

When you are fighting against Sarantha alone in a circular place, take a look at the area. It is encircled by spiky traps and Sarantha uses from time to time a skill that thrusts you and you fall to the ground. Do not let her throw you into spiky traps or else you will die instantly. At this point Sarantha will not surprise you with anything new, so it is enough to simply drain her hitpoints by continuously attacking her.


Pickpocketed Items


  • She will be naked if you loot her.
  • You can catch a glimpse of Sarantha during the beginning of Nehrim (the introduction), ensconced in her throne.