Nehrim:Seraphim Warrior

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File:Seraphim Warrior.jpg
Seraphim Warrior

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Nb Lvl File:Health.jpg File:Magic.jpg Race Class Gender EP FormID Editor ID
1 25 220 197 Alemanne2 Knight Male 250 001E9E8B MQ31SeraphimKaempfer
2 25 500 120 Normanne Knight Male 250 001E9E88 MQ31SeraphimKaempferEsara
3 25 250 120 Normanne Knight Male 250 001E9E89 MQ31Seraphimkrieger
Respawn Type of Attack Immunity Weakness
No Melee N/A N/A


Knights that quards The Light-Born during their visit to Arktwend.


The Stormwend Tower during the Main Quest The Sins of our Fathers.

Items Dropped

Seraph Sword