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This is the entrance to the devastated capitol of Arktwend, Stormwend. The city is located on the northwest part of the island. There is no living beings in the city. You come here during the events in Main Quest that occurring in The Stormwend Tower.



According from the data retrived from the previous SureAI project "Arktwend"

  • "Directly on the bay of the White River, in the nourishing environment of the Big Mountains, is located Stormwend. It is the spiritual and cultural center of Arktwend and the capital of Alleman. The city is divided into two districts and is also the seat of the legendary Stormwend Towers that the first Kaiser Bard erected on the ruins of Storm after the battle against the unspeakable evil. To reach Stormwend, either go over the pass in the Great Mountains or through the Gronbart lands."
  • "Stormwend is the commercial center of the former kingdom of Arktwend. It is located in the bay, where the White River opens to the Ring Sea. Since the death of the last Kaisers it has lost much of its luster. The city is under the ruthless reign of Kanzler Brutus. He exploits his people with incredibly high taxes. However, he also has only slightly undertaken resistance against the invasion of the Arps. Stormwend reaches out to almost nearly every major city in Arktwend."
  • "Stormwend consists of a variety of quarters: the common quarter with the Cathedral of the Holy
    Brotherhood, the port area with the big market and the arena, the Wachviertel with the headquarters of the city guard, the Citizens Area where the rich merchants and noblemen their homes and finally the smallest quarter, the royal quarter with the Stormwend tower to which only the Kanzler has personal entry."

History album

Archives images: Street in Stormwend
Archives images: Street in Stormwend
Archives images: Port in Stormwend
Archives images: Port in Stormwend

Old map

File:Old Stormwend map.jpg
Archives images: Stormwend map

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The main data base is from the previous SureAI project "Arktwend"