Nehrim:Weather-beaten Note

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Weather-beaten Note


Those fools!

They're as gullible as lambs. You can make them believe truly anything. Who would have thought that the Ghost Tree would turn out to be such a gold mine!

I just simply have to make some creaky and spooky sounds, then the travelers drop their belongings and run for their lives. The only real work I have to do is to collect all the valuables from the road after nightfall and bring them to my den in the Giliad crypt.

Damn it! I slipped over the edge as I was starting to climb down and broke my leg... that's it, I guess. I'd better not call for any help, the Giliad villagers would lynch me.

Weather-beaten Note (2)


After the attacks of the mages on this mine became more and more frequent, we have received these potions from Erothin. Whatever their exact purpose may be, they are only to be used in an emergency, and even then with utmost care. No, they are not intoxicating.