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Quest Header
Quest Giver: -
Location(s): -
Prerequisite Quest: -
Next Quest: -
Rewards: -



All parameters are optional.

image, name, quest giver, locations, prerequisite, next, rewards


{{Quest Header
|image = 200px-EN-Quest-Ornament-Mainquest-Left.png
|name  = The Wiki Resistance
|quest giver = [[User:Davipb|]]
|locations = [[Main Page|SureAI Wiki]], Internet
|prerequisite = The Wiki Creation
|next = The Wiki Blossoming
|rewards = 1 000 000 Gold Bars

The Wiki Resistance
Quest Giver: Davipb
Location(s): SureAI Wiki, Internet
Prerequisite Quest: The Wiki Creation
Next Quest: The Wiki Blossoming
Rewards: 1 000 000 Gold Bars

{{Quest Header
|image = 200px-EN-Quest-Ornament-Mainquest-Left.png
|name = The Emptiness
|rewards = Sadness

The Emptiness
Rewards: Sadness

{{Quest Header}}
Quest Header