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Hello! Need to find me?


About Me

  • Polish philologist- the most usesless occupation in the world, who the fuck cares about... art, poetry, books, punctuation? A Polish grammar/punctuation nerd. A Polish proofreader (hobbyist) of some books that are never going to see the light. A translator of the Enderal bard songs: using Polish metrical feet.
  • ESOL teacher- that's my main occupation. Alaways looking for and trying out new solutions in teaching. A L W A Y S . I'm too bored with old methods, so I A L W A Y S experiment with new methods. Life is about experimenting and breaking barriers. And thinking outside the box.
  • A volunteer therapist- I write and oversee therapy plans, therapy schedules. I can do it quite expertly taking advantage of the following methods: Metoda Krakowska, Son-Rise, DIR/Floortime, Social Skills Therapy, ESDM. Generally, early intervention. From all angles. Except for Behavioural Therapy. I've met enough idiots in my life and I have a tendency to quickly tire of them.
  • A psychologist, an early development specialist- you need to know these things if you want to be a good teacher. Otherwise, you will fail. Simple as that. I'm quite familiar with Gordon's methods, Cohen's books, A. Stein's approach, and so on. And I can write occupational therapy plans for kids with developmental delays, I do it almost every few months.
  • Blogger- on children's development, on autism, on new teaching methods/approaches.
  • A pain in the behavioural ass- they hate me. Utterly. Fo disobeying them and undermining their fucking "therapy".

How can You help with my Edits?

  • Edit for typos, punctuation, and so on. As I mentioned, editing the wiki is not my occupation. I tend to be quite sloppy/out of time/distracted when editing.
  • Finish the pages with the CK info. I don't give a fuck what a CK is. Sad but true. Deal with it!
  • Edit the places pages <-- that's what I plan to finish one day...
  • Fisnih the side quest pages <-- there's so much info missing!

the Freak

the Idiot

the Loner

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