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Hello! Need to find me?


About Me

  • Polish philologist- the most usesless occupation in the world, who the fuck cares about... art, poetry, books, punctuation? A Polish grammar/punctuation nerd. A Polish proofreader (hobbyist) of some books that are never going to see the light. A translator of the Enderal bard songs: using Polish metrical feet.
  • ESOL teacher- that's my main occupation. Alaways looking for and trying out new solutions in teaching. A L W A Y S . I'm too bored with old methods, so I A L W A Y S experiment with new methods. Life is about experimenting and breaking barriers. And thinking outside the box.
  • A volunteer therapist- I write and oversee therapy plans, therapy schedules. I can do it quite expertly taking advantage of the following methods: Metoda Krakowska, Son-Rise, DIR/Floortime, Social Skills Therapy, ESDM. Generally, early intervention. From all angles. Except for Behavioural Therapy. I've met enough idiots in my life and I have a tendency to quickly tire of them.
  • A psychologist, an early development specialist- you need to know these things if you want to be a good teacher. Otherwise, you will fail. Simple as that. I'm quite familiar with Gordon's methods, Cohen's books, A. Stein's approach, and so on. And I can write occupational therapy plans for kids with developmental delays, I do it almost every few months.
  • Blogger- on children's development, on autism, on new teaching methods/approaches.
  • A pain in the behavioural ass- they hate me. Utterly. Fo disobeying them and undermining their fucking "therapy".

How can You help with my Edits?

  • Edit for typos, punctuation, and so on. As I mentioned, editing the wiki is not my occupation. I tend to be quite sloppy/out of time/distracted when editing.
  • Finish the pages with the CK info. I don't give a fuck what a CK is. Sad but true. Deal with it!
  • Edit the places pages <-- that's what I plan to finish one day...
  • Fisnih the side quest pages <-- there's so much info missing!


Sorry for the words. Too much of Joe Abercromie's books lately. Need some feel good books instead of this ironic bastard.

the Freak

the Idiot

the Loner

Kassandra (talk) 19:48, 20 June 2017 (UTC)