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What I plan to finish

/it might take about 10 years if unless someone else helps, so feel free to complete the pages for me, I'd more than delighted:P /

Just a leaf, swirling efortlessly in the circle of time

Caught in the midst of the process of creation and withering

Closer to withering, with no willinges of further life

Giving way to the insufferable process of decaying

Bitter to the bone, ridiculed by fate

Humbled by the facade that I daily wear

I have learned to dance to the tune so well

But I stumble, with every step I take

For I am no dancer to the tune they repeatedly want me to play

And neither is he, the one for whom I don the mask I hardly like

So we struggle to grasp the rules which govern our fate

Surrendering to the imperious hand of merciless time

That was me,

the Freak

the Idiot

the Loner

I don't even know when I'm insulted.

That's why I take it happens all the time.

Kassandra (talk) 19:48, 20 June 2017 (UTC)