Enderal:Book of Poetry

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Empty desert,
Plants dried out
Life escaped
From this place
Dead stones, dead bones.
Lonesome soul, all alone,
Wandering around.
The burden is high
Cracking the spine
Can’t survive
Creeps forth, has died.

Blackned Life

A light flashes brightly, disclosing
The world, spinning, evermore
Faster, faster, all is whirling
Around myself
I become dizzy at this sight,
Take out the Light!
Yet world keeps spinning furthermore.

On the Lost Ones

When grief and hate
Gnaw on the soul,
When poverty and war
take their last toll,
They become monsters,
Shadows of themselves,
Fearless without remorse
Against each other, or joined together
They fight, but each on his own in the end.
And when they then die,
They won’t rest.
The hate keeps haunting them
And pushes them further,
After death,
Until they fade away again.

Distant Worlds

When the waves embrace the coast,
Splinter at the rocky shore
with a roar,
My memories keep coming back,
Dreaming of distant worlds.
No shore is like the other,
But the ocean is always the same.

Dream of a Soul

When I die some day,
What will remain of me?
My bones will waste away.
But my soul, will it fade as well?
Will it stay, bound further
To this world, to this land,
In a new life?
Or roam free from a bodily confinement,
Free from the chains of time
On the Eternal Paths?
It will then know all there is, sees everything,
Finds answers to each question ever asked.
“Where do we come from, where do we go?”
The mysteries of past days.
To then finally rest with all left,
At the end of time.