Enderal:Dohra Dal'Goldenford

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Dohra Dal'Goldenford
(Ref ID: 0003625F)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Sublime Job Unknown
Essential No Form ID 000DBF5E
Location Castle Golden Ford
EN-NPC-Dohra Dal'Goldenford.png
Level 5 Health 215
Magicka 150 Stamina 150

Dohra Dal'Goldenford is a resident of and presumably owner of Castle Golden Ford. Given her surname's prefix of "Dal", it can be deduced that she is part of a nobility family line.


  • Ectoplasm
  • Fine Leather Boots
  • Garb of the Mysterious Nomad (Set Item)
  • Mana Potion (Cheap)
  • Mana Potion (Rancid)
  • Petty Soul Gem
  • Scroll of Candle Light (Cheap)
  • Silver Moonstone Cricket
  • Steel Daggers