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The two brothers fighting.
Feud Between Brothers
Quest Giver: Bunvar
Location(s): Penny Road, Bunvar and Ulvar's Camp at the Heartland
Rewards: 2x Leather, 3x Roasted Rabbit's Foot, 230 EP
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Easy


  • Get Ulvar to help Bunvar with hunting (Quest-Difficulty-1.png)
  • Convince Bunvar that he shouldn't drink so much (Quest-Difficulty-1.png)
  • Tell Ulvar that Bunvar said he is cocky (Quest-Difficulty-1.png)
  • Tell Bunvar that Ulvar said he is a braggart (Quest-Difficulty-1.png)

Journal Entries

I met a man named Ulvar, who is obviously in dispute with his brother Bunvar, on the pass through which the Penny Road goes. He wants me to solve the conflict for him.


The Campsite

Bunvar, a man who can be found sitting on a log along the Penny Road, is in dispute with his brother, and asks the player to help resolve the conflict.

Speak to Bunvar

As the player walks along the Penny Road, a drunk Bunvar can be found sitting on a long to the left side of the path, calling the player over when in close proximity. Even without being activated, he will immediately tell the player to go and find his brother Ulvar, who sits on top of the hill behind Bunvar, and tell him to go take his turn for the watch. When Bunvar'sline completes, the quest starts, and Bunvar cannot be activated again.

Note: Before Bunvar completes his line, the player may activate and strongly suggest to Bunvar that he go and sober up. While this does make Bunvar say a new line, it still starts the quest with the same objective of finding Ulvar, although the first brother says nothing about him. (See #Bugs)

Get Ulvar to help Bunvar with hunting

Ulvar is found to the right of Bunvar, in a small camp with a fire. Upon being activated, he immediately tells the player to "get lost". The player should now tell him that his brother sent for him. Ulvar quickly retorts, saying that Bunvar has done nothing but drink, and that when he's sober Ulvar will take his turn on watch. He tells the player to go and tell his brother this.

Convince Bunvar that he shouldn't drink so much

When told of his brother's declaration,Bunvar is outraged, saying that if it weren't for Ulvar they'd be on their way back to Ark already. He tells the player, once again, to go and send Ulvar to his watch.

Tell Ulvar that Bunvar said he is cocky

Ulvar, sharp and delicate as ever, sends the player to tell Bunvar that what he wants is about as interesting to him as the color of his brother's balls.

Tell Bunvar that Ulvar said he is a braggart

After being messenger of a few insults, the player is asked by Bunvar to go and beat Ulvar up. The player can either:

  • Decline, stating that Bunvar can do it himself
    • The quest completes, and the player gains 230 EXP.
    • Bunvar gets up and draws his weapon and, after wandering for a bit in the wrong direction, initiates combat with Ulvar, which lasts until one of them is knocked down.
  • Accept, on the condition that it's on Bunvar's own head.
    • The player should now defeat Ulvar in combat, and report to Bunvar
      • The quest is completed, and the player gains 230 EXP, 2 pieces of Leather, and 3 Roasted Rabbit's Feet.


If the player declined to beat up Ulvar, Bunvar will get up from the log he sits on. After the two brother's combat, he assumes a schedule around the camp.

If the player defeats Ulvar themselves, Bunvar will not get up from the log, and thus does not assume the schedule.


  • There are many discrepancies between the quest journal objectives and what is stated in the dialogue.


  • If he is following the player, Jespar will berate the two brothers under his breath, and imply to the player that this is common behavior for Endraleans.